by:aleigha myers


today i am going to tell you about plant and animal cells
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plant cell

this is a picture of an plant cell it has a cell wall and the cell wall protects all the organs in the cell and chloroplast which an animal cell doesn't have they have a Smooth ER and Rough ER you have plasma membrane there is a nucleus
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animal cell

the animal cell does not have a cell wall or chloroplast but a plant cell does. the vacuole stores water the cell membrane is like the cell wall it keeps all organs inside then you have cytoplasm chromatin and mighty mitochondria compiler nucleus losome erdoplosminc


cell rap
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cell theory

the cell theory was made by Robert Hook and the first one says all living things are made of cells i agree with this animals humans plants are all living and they are cells second cells are the basic unit of function i agree cells are organs that make you up third all cells are pre existing cells those are the three main ones
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prokaryotic cell

the prokaryotic also has a cell was so thats good its there to keep the organs inside it also has nucleosid with means DNA the plant cell and animal cell does not have they have a nucleus cell and its contained with cytoplasm
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eukaryotic cell

the eukaryotic cell doesn't have a cell wall and it does have a nucleus and a lysosome and ribsosomes and mighty mitochondria
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blood cell

a blood cell is also called a hematocyte and normally found in blood in mammals there are white blood cells and red blood cells the blood caries the oxygen in living things