is a quaint little village at the edge of the forest


The chief makes the rules around here (elected by the people)

We are a Democratic society

The laws are enforced by a group of 100 highly trained men.

Here are 10 rules that we follow here:

1. There will be no thieving.

2. There will be equal pay for all, no matter the age, gender, or job.

3. There will be no cheating of any kind.

4. You will be able to marry whoever u want.

5. There will be no abuse of any human rights.

6. Parents must set aside 5% of their monthly wage aside for their child till the age of 20, the child may use it however they wish.

7. No slavery.

8. There will be no discrimination of any kind, you are allowed to live how you wish.

9. 3 child limit.


The punishment for braking any of these laws is death. No exceptions!!


Our school will be a fully mixed public school (from pre-school to high school).

Our main subjects we focus in is:

  • 2 levels of Math
  • 2 levels of English
  • 3 levels of History
  • 4 of any Extra Curricular Activities (agriculture, engineering, biology, etc.)

We will have the Top 4 most educated professors and there will be a minimum of five years at school (if needed, you can go longer).


Family life will be humble and easy-going, but can turn on people if aggravated.

It is ruled by neither matriarchal (mother) or patriarchal (father).

Each family will have AT LEAST 3 children and no more.


All families will live in separate houses.

Each house will have its several differences but have the same concept.


  • Engineer - The inventers and idealist of the community. They will make sure everything (technology) is up to date and working to its maximum potential. Making repairs to any broken/damaged technology. Constructing technological advancements to help the community grow. Requires people who have mastered in Math and in Engineering.
  • Artist - The ones that bring light and joy into the community. Dealing with either pain/drawings, music, or dancing. They bring happiness to children. Spread culture to other communities. Requires people who have mastered in The Arts career classes.
  • Constructer - The builders of the community. they are the ones that build all the homes, shops, and school making sure everything is always safe. Building new houses for new families to start in. Create places that are both production and commercial. Requires people who have mastered in Masonry, Drafting, and Math.
  • Teacher - The ones that teach the young and brings them to their maximum potential. Helping people to educate themselves. So that they can expand the community. Requires people who have mastered in any school subject.
  • Supplier/Merchant - They are the ones that make sure the goods/food gets where it needs to be. They create, grow, and sell it all. whatever you want they got. They trade with other merchants/suppliers. Requires people who have mastered in Marketing and any other economic career classes.


Our money is the same as today's Present Day money.


Our community uses trains as a use of transportation.

No, because we will only have 5 for the community's size.


We live in a forest region. Where the season change every year.

There are animals in our community. We mainly have livestock (sheep, cattle, goats, etc.) and pets (cats, dogs, turtles, etc.) They are actually both wild and pets because the community loves animal.


Their job is their recreation because it is their dream career.

People like to have fun by:

  • Having parties
  • Playing games
  • Play musical festivals