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Week of September 22, 2014

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The 12 Days of Stella is still going strong

Can I just remind you HOW AMAZING YOU ALL ARE?! :)
But sometimes you forget it!
So I'm here to remind to be PROUD of yourself and all that you ARE! CELEBRATE the victories, whether big or small. Don't downplay your success using words like "only, just, and finally," rather boldly let your joy, excitement, pride, & courage SHINE though! I won't 'out' the funny girl who made me laugh last week when she told me she "only booked 5 shows" (she was trying to book more!). But why did she say that? Because she was going for a bigger goal that didn't pan out so the success she collected along the way didn't count... uh, no?! YOU BOOKED 5 SHOWS! Start with that!! :)

Your attitude will change your mindset and that will change your perspective and that will change your inner-voice and that will change how you communicate... and that will make a grand difference in how you are perceived and heard. You may even find that your outer voice will start to reflect back to your inner thoughts creating a cycle of positive, self-affirming thoughts... which as you've guessed it, circles back to project to the world how great you are!

And please, oh please, stop using the word "just!" You aren't "just" a stylist. You aren't "just a stay-at-home" or "working" mom. You aren't "just" doing S&D a little here and there.
You are not "just" anything my dears!
YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU REALIZE and never forget that to so many in this world, You are everything!
From my heart <3,
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More days to work on earning one of the $500 prizes!!!!

OK.....lets keep this ball rolling!!!! 12 Days of Stella EXTENDED!!!! 5 more days to book up your calendar strong. You have until WEDNESDAY 9.24 to book your 12 shows and fill out the survey. ALL SURVEYS must be submitted by Thursday 9.25. WINNERS will be announced FRIDAY 9.26. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN if you just go for it!!!


And when you get to 1, 3, 7 or 10 don't forget to CELEBRATE yourself and your effort!! You deserve it!!

AND for all those bookings you do have you are not going to want to miss this call with the amazing leaders Sallie Holder & Amelia Fragnito Keely on Monday night! learn from the best....I learn from them every day!!

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Would you like to buy $500 worth of samples for $99?

That's an 80% discount! Well guess what... YOU CAN!!! Just sell $2000 before the end of September... You get to add your sales from July & August = this is a Quarterly Goal! Even if you are at zero in sales it's not too late!! If you sold at least $500 in July and August and Sept you will receive the CONSISTENCY BONUS of $100 product credit as well!!! That's $600 total for EVERY quarter that you do this!!! And if you hit STAR every month of a quarter you get TWO coupons!!! HUGE incentive to hit Star!! WAHOO!!
Click here to read all the details of this promotion in Community!
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Reach out to share the love!

WHO can you reach out to this week? Have the join you on this journey as we head into our busiest season of the year! Holiday shopping means great shows and tons of new contacts!!

Congrats to Meghan, Meghan, Meghann, Kim, Kelly, Sue, Kristy, & Jackie for taking me up on my team week-long sponsoring Challenge! We'll report back next Monday with our results!!! By the end of this week we will have reached out to 90 women collectively! :)

Breast Cancer Boutique Contest!

DID YOU HEAR about the Contest? No? It's in the Buzz and in the Lounge! Exciting prizes galore from Home Office!
How do you earn these prizes?
Simply Book for Breast Cancer Awareness!
Hold as many qualified Breast Cancer Boutique Trunk Shows as you can between Wednesday, September 17th and Friday, October 31st!
A qualified Breast Cancer Boutique Trunk Show is one that has a minimum of 4 orders and $500 in sales INCLUDING AT LEAST ONE breast cancer boutique item. The Stylist with the highest number of qualified Breast Cancer Boutique Trunk Shows will win the grand prize! The Stylist with the second highest number of qualified Breast Cancer Boutique Trunk Shows will win the runner up prize!

Book and Sponsor for a CAUSE!

Through this foundation, we are making the future brighter for the women we love. If you love sharing a good cause, use this as a wonderful opportunity to REACH OUT to SPONSOR women that you know would love to be a part of supporting our Breast Cancer Collection/Raising Funds! Additionally this is a GREAT reason to book a trunk show b/c sadly, EVERYONE ONE OF US knows someone who has been touched by breast cancer.

Here are some words to say that I'm sharing for Booking with Breast Cancer items:

Hey Heather, So excited to share fall style during our breast cancer fundraising campaign at Stella & Dot. How cute are these bracelets?! Look good while doing good! All the net proceeds go to support Breast Cancer research. Let's get your girlfriends together at your place for a fun Trunk Show during the week of Sept 22nd so that we can make an impact AND You can get a back to style shopping spree. My Hostesses enjoy about $250 free on average! Tuesday the 23rd from 7-9pm or Thursday, the 25th are open for you and we can extend the show online for busy or out of town friends. What do you think? I'll give you a call!

Who will be our very first Associate Stlylists this month?!!!

The brand new titled role "Associate Stylist" is officially HERE and I know every single one of you can do it!

How do you do you become an Associate Stylist? You Sponsor 1 who sells at least $500 (ideally $1000 so she gets JS rewards) and you sell at least $1500 with your cumulative sales (you + your new stylist) over $3000 in Sept! Doable? YOU BET!

If this is your goal, wish, aim, or hope then you let me know and I'll help help help you get there!!!

I have a feeling were to have A TON of Associate Stylist promotions in SEPT and I have something for the first 10 ladies who hit Associate Stylist in its debut month (Sept!). Then again, I might have to get more than 10!!! :)

Associate Stylist from the Knowledge Base in the Lounge:

– This is a NEW Career Level in our plan and is achieved when a Stylist sells 1,200 PQV herself, has 1 qualified leg and together they sell 3,000 GQV. We love this Career Level because anyone can achieve this promotion as quickly as during her Jumpstart and see instant rewards. It’s as doable as having 2 shows a month and connecting 1 friend to do the same!

I have gifts for the first 10 on our team who hit it this month!!! And Amy is doing a drawing for a Keep bracelet!

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