A wife charged with assualt

Wife defends herself

The Wife's Assault

The wife of bath is charged with aggravated assualt for using a medal pole to beat her husband with. Alison told the judge she does not like not having the upper hand and her husband Alistair telling her what to do all the time. When he came to approach me about the house not being spotless clean, i told him the house is clean enough. He gave me a pause and started beating me with his strong bare hands. Thats when i picked up the medal pole beside me and started beating him with it.

The Wife's Assault

The Visit Of The Bad Knight

The bad knight who raped the woman visted Alison in jail to sarcasticly taunt her about her assault. Alison told him he has no reason to say anything with the crime he commited as a supposely nobe knight, she tells him you need to leave. Then she told him before he left she rather rot in jail then go back to her husband.