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December 2015

new mascot at Toll gate grammar

by Anthony L., Juliana L., and Charlotte B.

We have a new mascot at Toll Gate Grammar School. Our new mascot’s name is Tucker Jr. He was introduced at a recent Gator Gathering assembly. Tucker Jr. also visited the students when they were making sweet potato pies for T.A.S.K.

Toll Gate’s previous mascot, Tucker Sr., has retired from Toll Gate after about 90 years of service. He has moved to Gatorville, Florida. Tucker Jr. learned how to do the job from his Dad, the original Tucker.

One school day outside Tucker Jr. was dancing and having fun with some kids in Toll Gate. In school, Tucker’s office is in the boiler room. Tucker Sr. always leads the Toll Gate Grammar school Halloween parade. We are excited to see Tucker Jr. lead the parade next year and will always have great memories of Tucker Sr.
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Musical Melodies

by Stevie S.

The 10th of December was the Toll Gate Grammar school annual Winter Concert. Fourth and Fifth graders went to the Performing Arts Center at the Hopewell High School at 9:00 in the morning to practice for the amazing concert that they were going to have that night. At the PAC the students changed spots, tuned instruments, and perfected their technique.

During the winter concert the fifth grade chorus, band, orchestra, and vocal ensemble performed. Fourth grade orchestra and chorus did equally amazing. Once the fourth and fifth graders went home they practiced and changed into their professional winter concert attire. At 6:30 children with instruments came back to the pack to tune their instruments and do some last minute practice. At 6:45 chorus members started to roll in and went to sit at the back of the PAC. At 7:00 the fun began the orchestra members played, and what a applaud they got. Next up was fifth grade chorus they were international! They song songs in different languages and sung the songs like they have been practicing for years! Next was the fourth grade chorus they filled the house with holiday cheer. Second to last was the fifth grade band they did fantastic! I'm starting to second guess that I was at a grammar school winter concert! Last but certainly not least was the fifth grade vocal ensemble. Coming to school every day at 8:00 in the morning really paid of.

The 2015 winter concert was amazing thanks to Mrs. Phillips, Mr. Emhof, Mrs. Tucker, and our fourth and fifth grader’s. I cannot wait for the spring concert!

2015-2016 Student Council Elections

by Liam R.

The student council elections this year were interesting and competitive, like they are every year. This article will tell you who won as class representatives, along with the others like the Presidents and Vice President. The Presidents are 5th graders Jake S. and Kathryn M. The Vice President is Charlie S.. Treasurer is Brooke B. and Secretary is Brooke H.. The following information will give you a list of the representatives from each class.

3P: Landon H. & Haylee W.

3OS: Andrew M. & Charlotte B.

4W: Liam R. & Stevie S.

4S: Ryan C. & Anna W.

4M: Easton M.e & Catherine Z.

5D: Tommy I., Gracen W., Nolan D., and Katie Y.

5L: Ethan G. & Katie L.

T.A.S.K. Thanksgiving

By Lia U-M. and Shelby R.

The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen helps families in need in Trenton. About 25% of Trenton is in need and T.A.S.K. tries to provide food for everyone. Every year for almost 30 years, Toll Gate has helped T.A.S.K. prepare Thanksgiving dinner for those less fortunate. This article shows what we did for task.

This past Thanksgiving, Toll Gate families helped T.A.S.K. by making over 1,000 meals. We made sweet-potato pie, carving turkeys, and roasting the turkeys. This year kindergarten brought bottles of juice, first grade brought cornbread stuffing mix, second grade brought canned green beans, third grade brought canned sweet potatoes, fourth grade brought sugar, and fifth grade brought evaporated milk.

One third grade class gets to go to T.A.S.K. to put up the decorations and bring the meal itself. In this annual event, Ms. Provenzano’s class in third grade go to go to T.A.S.K. This is a quote from our friend, Mia when I asked her what her favorite thing there was, “putting up the decorations.” I also asked her what her favorite activity was. Her answer, “ Putting up the decorations.’’

Overall, Toll Gate is a big help in making Thanksgiving dinner for many people in Trenton.

CHECK OUT Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School By Jeff Kinney

by Stevie S.

Hi Gators! This month I talked to fourth graders about the new book Old School by Jeff Kinney. If you are questioning if you should buy it or deny it this article should be spot on.

First, I interviewed Colin from Mr, Stein's class. Colin said “This book is very good compared to Jeff Kinneys other books in this series.” Colin rated this four stars out of five. Next, I interviewed Kirsten from Mrs, Weltz’s class. Kirsten said “This book is super funny and majorly exciting!” I Think Kirsten had a great input, and so far this book gets two big thumbs up because Kirsten rated this book five out of five!

Resources are saying this book is “Very Detailed” and “Very Good”, But others are saying “ The other books were more enjoyable” and “Pretty good but some parts are boring.” I would say this book is half and half but if you are planning to buy it... Get to the store!

Delicious Days in the TGG Cafeteria

by Anastasia A., Shelby R., and Lily R.

Toll Gate has a wonderful cafeteria full of delicious foods. This year, Kindergarteners are all eating lunch at school, since we now have full day kindergarten! Reporters Anastasia, Shelby, and Lily have been busy taking polls and interviewing all of the students in the school to find out which snacks are top choices!

Take a look at the video for some of the interview action!

Gators' Favorite Sports

By Kirsten S.

Forty-one kids were asked their favorite sports. They had the choice to pick basketball, soccer, football, swimming, tennis, and other. The results were 7 for basketball, 5 for soccer, 8 for football, 5 for swimming,4 for tennis, and 12 or other. From reading the results “other” had the most, and tennis had the least. What kind of “other” sports do you think kids might be doing?

Comics by Mathilda R-W and Chloe D.
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