We're Back!!

We hope you have enjoyed the first week of school!

Head of School Report

BCS Family,

It has been a great start to the year this week, and the halls definitely feel full and complete with everyone back! This is going to be a phenomenal year in the life of BCS and we are so glad that each of you are a part of this.

Our theme this school year is, "ALL THINGS EXCELLENT," as we strive to be good stewards of all aspects of life that God has enabled us to walk in, and set the example for the community around us to follow as we seek to follow Christ. We will be unpacking this theme through the year and giving practical steps to our student body on what it is to do all things in excellence. We will be working through all sorts of examples such as how to behave in class, walk the halls, work on assignments, eat lunch, interact with their teachers and peers, participate in extracurriculars, deal with conflict, how to rest and pause, exercise, stand in line, take care of chores, and honor your father and mother. Again, we believe the stance all participants of BCS should take is doing ALL THINGS EXCELLENT! We invite you to join us in the challenge and endeavor this year.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.. - Philippians 4:8

See below for important information pertaining to our school. There is much to celebrate here within our community!

May we see and enjoy God's presence around us today.

Grace and peace,

Skyler Sikes

What's Going on at BCS

Welcome back Eagle Family! We have enjoyed having the laughter and life back in our hallways this week! The start of a school year is always a time of excitement and possibility. It's an opportunity for growth, learning, and building new connections. This year especially as we have so many new faces joining us. We are thrilled that you have chosen Brazosport Christian School as your educational choice for your family and we are confident that together we will make this a truly remarkable year.

BCS Family Mentorship Program

We are thrilled to introduce our new Family Mentorship Program as an additional resource and support system for new families. This program is designed to create a sense of community within our school and provide opportunities for families to connect, share experiences, and offer guidence to one another.

The Family Mentorship Program pairs experienced families with new or incoming families to provide support, answer questions, and offer guidance throught the school year. Whether you are a new family navigating the school system for the first time or a seasoned family looking to share your knowledge and experiences, this program is a wonderful opportunity to build connections and foster a sense of belonging within our school community. We are still in need of seasoned families to participate in this program, if you are interested in becoming a mentor family, please contact Anna Magallanes at amagallanes@1bcs.org. More information on this program will be out soon to families.

1st Annual Eagle/Warrior Invitational High School Volleyball Tournament

BCS is partnering with Angleton Christian School to host our first ever High School Volleyball Tournament. This is the first of what will be many events that will bring together students, families, and community members for friendly competition and fun! The tournament will take place this weekend, Aug 18 & 19 (Friday & Saturday) in the BCS and Angleton Christian School Gymnasiums. Spectators are welcome to join in the excitement as we watch our very own BCS Volleyball Team work at spiking, setting, and serving their way to victory!

High School Retreat

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with new experiences, friendships, and memories to last a lifetime. All 9-12 graders will be attending the annual High School Retreat on Aug 30 - Sept 1st at Carolina Creek Camp and Retreat. We have carefully planned a range of exciting activities that will give you the opportunity to connect with your peers and build lifelong friendships. Please fill out the Carolina Creek Permission Form in the link below and turn back into the secondary office no later than August 25th. A supply list form is also attached so you can start preparing your child with what they will need to bring to camp. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email Lisa Boyett at lboyett@1bcs.org.

Our school recognizes the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment for everyone, and this year we have an opportunity for volunteers to dedicate their time to join our team as an Eagle Eye Watch Member. Eagle Eyes is a volunteer-based group at Brazosport Christian School tasked with providing a physical, armed security presence aimed at deterring criminal activity on campus. By joining this program, you will not only help create a safer environment, but also foster a sense of unity and responsibility within our school. Volunteers will need to be ready to perform consistent patrols of the campus perimeter, report criminal activity, attempt to de-escalate a threat verbally (when possible), and engage a threat with necessary force if needed. If you are interested in volunteering as a part of the Eagle Eyes Watch Program or have any questions, please contact security@1bcs.org or use the QR code above.

Upcoming Important Dates

Aug 21 - Jr. Class Parent Meeting 7:00 Rm. 15

Aug 22 - ASVAB Testing for Jr. Class

Aug 30 - Sept 1 - HS Retreat

Sept 12 - Career Fair

Sept 16 - Daddy Daughter Dance

Sept 18 - Coffee Social

Sept 25 - 29 - Spirit Week

Sept 27 - 29 - Book Fair

Sept 28 - Open House

Sept 29 - Pep Rally

Sept 30 - Homecoming Dance

Oct 21 - Walkathon Fundraiser