Conflict with Native Americans

Taylor O'Connell

Why did the California Gold Rush and the discovery of the Comstock Lode bring settlers out west?

The California Gold Rush brought thousands of people to California because the sight of gold brought dollar signs to peoples eyes. Everyone wanted the chance to gather, and sell gold to make a fortune off of it. The Comstock Lode brought people to Nevada because like gold, silver was found and it was also a big money making resource. Silver and gold were the big resource rush of the 1800's.

The 3 Indian Wars

  1. The Sand Creek Massacre- The US Military attacked a tribe of Cheyenne Indians killing 270 of their wives and children. This was a retaliation of the tribe resisting to give up their land to Americans.
  2. Battle of Little Bighorn- General George Custer of the US Military led a surprise attack on the Sioux tribe which backfired immensely, and got renamed "Custer's Last Stand" for he was killed along with his troops.
  3. Battle of Wounded Knee- Us Troops observing a religious ritual the Sioux Indians did called the "ghost dance" and mistook it as a call to war. The government then sent the Army to deal with the said threats. The army tried to arrest the Sioux tribe leader who was later killed in the battle. The soldiers opened fire on the Native Americans killing 150 of them.

How did the Dawes Act attempt to Americanize the Indians?

The Dawes Act attempted to Americanize the Native Americans by forcing them to abolish tribes, it broke up reservation land, and forced the families to live by themselves.

Summarize the main point of Helen Hunt Jackson's "Century of Dishonor."

The book explained the way the Native Americans were poorly treated our government.