Library Day K-2

January 19, 2016

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Today is Library Day!

Today we are encouraging all students to take time to visit their local library. They should spend time exploring the children's book section and any other areas of the library that they may find interesting. While the students are there, have them put on their detective hats and complete the scavenger hunt questions below.
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Click here to locate your local library

Enter your address, city, or zip code, and find the libraries closest to you.

Storia Option

Please note that we are encouraging all students to visit their local library today. However, if your student can not visit the local library, please log into the Storia site and complete the Storia activity.
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In the forum below:

Step 1: Please type in the forum which scavenger hunt you chose to complete (either the library scavenger hunt or the storia scavenger hunt).

Step 2: Please type in the forum the name of the story that you found and are most interested in checking out and reading from your local library OR type the name of the book that you read on storia.

Optional: Feel free to include a picture of your local library, a picture of yourself at the library, or a picture with your favorite book!