Budget Activity!!!!

By, Morgan Andress

The Project

We were asked to create a budget project kind of acting like we were older. We had steps/instructions to follow that Mrs. Garza supplied for us. First, we had to create a Christmas/Birthday list! Next, we had to get a career, and then set up our budget plan. The last thing that we had to was take my parents out for some lunch! I had a lot of fun learning and doing this project because I got to act like I was an adult and learn what it's like to be an adult!

The Information

Below is the information I found to do this project.

My Christmas/Birthday list

Total cost of Christmas List: $390.86

How did finding the total cost of your Christmas/Birthday List make you feel? I think some sale prices were good and others wasn’t what I was expecting. For example, the V-ball knee pads weren’t a good sale because the total cost with tax and the sale was over the regular price

Did you feel a need to change you wish list after see the total cost?

Maybe changing some items but others I believe I could keep because the sale price wasn’t that bad.

My Budget Plan!

What are the benefits of setting up a budget and what are the disadvantages? The benefits of setting up a budget are that you are able to figure out your plans and you are saving your money. The disadvantages of setting up a budget are you have to go through the process of handling it and making sure you look through it and look over it before you submit it.

What did your learn from completing a budget? I learned that setting up and completing a budget is you have to take it slow and you need to understand the prices that go in each category before you submit the full thing, if you make a mistake, it could mess up your whole plan

Resturaunt menu!

This is the menu we got to choose what we would like for lunch from Larry's Lunch Place!

Lunch Bill

This is the lunch bill from Larry's Lunch Place and it shows everything we got and how much the food/drinks were!