Ever Wonder What's Possible?

Your future is right in front of you!


Do you ever think to yourself, why on earth do I do Thirty-One? Were you the one that went through the catalog thinking, "I have to have one of everything, so I guess I will join and get a discount?" Do your kids want to do every activity on earth and you needed a way to pay for it? Did your spouse say to you, "It's about time you get a job?" Do you just want extra cash for vacation, or to pay off debt? Do you want "adult time" and money is a bonus? I could go on and on until I hit everyone and their reasons for joining Thirty-One.

There is a reason we ALL chose to be a Consultant with Thirty-One. For most (and this may not be you), we at least started for monetary reasons. We had a debt to pay, we wanted more money, we wanted to contribute to family income, we wanted those extra pair of shoes and not be questioned when we buy them. But for others, it has nothing to do with money. We may want to have sanity time to ourselves with other adults, we need to meet people, we want a hobby without spending money, and so much more.

I have led hundreds of Consultants over the years and each and every one is different in their own way, starting with their WHY. That is what makes this an awesome company! We are all made differently and with different dreams and goals.


For me, I started to get out of the house, money wasn't the driving force of my business. I was suffering from depression, and literally needed something to get me out of a house of 3 children under the age of 3 and be around other adults. I booked and held parties and was earning incentives, Dream Rewards, National Conference Bucks, Add On Kits, and anything else that was dangled in front of me. Life couldn't have been better!

Two years in, I found myself in a position of making money, but I also saw money I was leaving on the table....the money from sharing the opportunity with others.

After I sat in a seminar at National Conference and saw what was possible with my business, knowing it was only a few years before my husband was going to tell me it was time to get a job because my youngest would be in Kindergarten, I started to dream....what does my journey with Thirty-One look like from here on out. Am I just a hobbyist and don't care what money I make? Do I want to be able to stay home with my kids when they are all in school and work from home? Do I like getting out a few times a month and collecting a paycheck without going into an office?

In 2010, I never thought of my business going anywhere. I never even thought of it as a business...what did that even mean? I never thought I would be a Director, earn the Leadership Incentive Trip even once, but I earned it twice. I never thought I would build a team, or even have it in me to share what was so great about MY business and what I LOVED about Thirty-One. It wasn't "me" was always my excuse...I don't like to push people, I don't like to ask people to join. Only really serious people build teams was my thought, and I was not that person.


I reflected back upon the day the opportunity was "shared" with me. The consultant who did the party for me left the information with me, checked in with me, and told me why I would be a good consultant. And she left it at that. Six months later, I hadn't stopped thinking about it and knew I had to give it a try. She doesn't know this, but she saved me...saved me from hurting myself because of depression, saved me from perhaps hurting one of my children, or walking away from my marriage because I was so lonely, down in the dumps, and miserable with ME.

Back after National Conference, I imagined myself being that Director the following year, sharing the opportunity with those around me that may not have "looked" the part of a consultant...not judging the people at my parties--they were too rich to want to do my job, or they were too shy to present, or they were too old or young to want to do this. I only had people join my team because THEY approached me. I didn't share, I just jumped for joy when someone asked me to be a consultant.

When I came back from that conference, I began to think differently. I switched my mindset from "it's about me" to "it's about someone else". It is hard to imagine what I mean, but I started to actually listen to my Director when she said, "You have this...you are the one getting in the way of building your team. This is NOT about you, it is about other people. What can you do for someone else when you share Thirty-One with them."

A few months later, I promoted to Senior Consultant (after 2 years and 1 month after joining), and a month after that, I promoted to Director. The rest is just a blur.


The past few weeks, I have been reflecting on 2013 and moving toward a different 2014. Lately, I have felt that I have lost something in my business that I had a year or two ago, that spark in me. It isn't one thing I can put my finger on, but I know for me, I want 2014 to be the best it can be, and that means I have to re-evaluate what it is that I am missing and put the fun back in it for me! I know I love the company, I love the products, and most of all I LOVE the sisterhood in Thirty-One. I have met people from all over the country, through my own recruiting, your recruiting, and leadership opportunities. I was not in a sorority in college, but this sure is the closest thing to it, in my opinion.

I struggle as a leader because I never know how much or how little I am doing to help my team. I have never been one to push because I realize that everyone has a different life and Thirty-One fits into our lives differently. It doesn't mean I don't care about my team, I just struggle on what is the right amount of communication and information.

This is something I am working through with fellow Directors and Sales Coaches at Home Office. I am coming up with a plan that will keep you informed and the training on my end what you want to see.

Here's my point...whatever your WHY for joining may be the current WHY you have or it may have changed. But have you "Wondered What's Possible?" Have you thought about what you really want your time with Thirty-One to be or mean? Do you want it to be bigger than it is or do you want to go to Bora Bora for vacation and not just drive to the Outer Banks because that is what you can afford? Do you want a new house or a new car? You can have all of that if you dream, and you wonder what's possible and I would love to help you achieve that!


Our opportunity incentive right now is to SHARE THE OPPORTUNITY with others and help them earn a rebate!! That's $99 that they could earn back just for joining. And it ISN'T ABOUT YOU. The worst that can happen is they say NO. Just like when we ask people to host a party or buy the special. "No" is not a bad thing, but give yourself the opportunity to plant that seed and share that gift, because for most of you, Thirty-One is a gift...it may not look like a gift, it may not feel like a gift, but somewhere in your journey you will discover that the person who shared Thirty-One with you gave you a gift.

CHALLENGE: My challenge for each of you is to share the opportunity with a packet to two new people in the next week. Put together a catalog, an opportunity brochure, the incentive flier, even a letter or sticky note that says, "I thought of you!" and mail it to them. It can be a hostess you think would make a great consultant, an old friend, a family member, someone near or far to where you live. Reach outside of yourself and SHARE.


I want you all to think about a few things and I am going to set up calls with you next week for 10 minutes each to discuss this.

1. What was your WHY when you started? What is it now?

2. What is your favorite part of Thirty-One?

3. Do you want it to be more than it is right now?

4. What do you dream about? (Doesn't have to be monetary at all!!)

5. What do you want out of Thirty-One that you aren't getting currently?

6. What more do you want from me as your Director that you aren't getting?

Please email me back and let me know if you would like a ONE on ONE call with me to talk you through your business. I know what it has done for me, but that is no good if I am not helping YOU work, change, grow your own business.

I love and appreciate each and every one of you!! Thank you for going on this journey with me. It may not seem like it, but we are riding the ride together, whether I see you or talk to you or just converse via text, email, or Facebook. Our goal together is to make our dreams come true! Let me help you achieve.

Hugs to all of you!


Senior Director