History of CNN by Fernando Cruz

How It Stared

How the Company Started

CNN is actually called Cable News Network and it is the first 24-hour news and from the CNN center in the Atlanta, Georgia, with a lead story about the assassination of a civil rights leader. CNN changed the idea that news was reported 5 times throughout the day. CNN tried three other names like ABC network, CBS network and NBC network. CNN was the brainchild of Robert “Ted” Turner. His father ran a billboard advertisement company successfully. However, Ted Turner took over in 1970 but he started falling. In CNN’s first year the company started losing money and was called Chicken Noodle Network.

Progression of Company

Within a few years Ted Turner transformed CNN into a super station. In 1983 he bought Satellite News Channel owned by ABC and eliminated CNN’s main competitor. CNN eventually came to be known to covering events from around the world as they happened. CNN now has 26 international offices including London, Hong Kong, and Mexico City. Reporters work in very dangerous areas, for example near battles in Afghanistan.

How the company has inpacted the world

CNN has developed into a 24-hour news channel that is available in Spanish in Latin America, and there is Internet service in Arabic and Japanese and it gives information to millions of people in their own language. CNN has become very powerful that is now an example of how to do news well. It influences people all over the world.

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CNN Launch