my summer 2015

by nick wilson


i did a lot of off-Roading and trail riding with friends and local people who drove jeeps.i got stuck once and got to drive in the creek under 121.
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i wanted to go on a road trip through all 48 states with my friends and experience the different landscapes and see the most each individual state has to offer. see the grand canyon,pismo beach,mount rushmore, go to the big apple,just explore the U.S.
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Austin city limits

it would've been cool to go to Austin city limits even though its in october it would've been fun to go to Austin for a week and see a lot of major artists perform there.


i learned a lot about astronomy through educational apps like star walk and websites like nasa.I would've liked to have gone to sedona, Arizona and see the center of the galaxy from there but going to the outskirts of waco was fun too.
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Lake lewisvile

i went to lake lewisville and spent some time there during the final weeks of summer,i went on some back wood trails that led straight to the lakefront had a really good time with friends.
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