Therapy Support from a Distance

A Series with Rachel Madel and Chris Bugaj

Series Description

As we begin a new school year like no other, we are met with challenges. We also bring much strength to the table! You have the expertise and experience to support Oregon's learners with complicated needs in very complicated times! You've got this!

Challenges arise when your expertise is required in a virtual world. There are lots of good examples, yet many have nothing in their experience to deliver virtual support, or even feel comfortable knowing where to begin.

This 5 -part virtual series is sponsored by OTAP and takes place on the following Wednesdays, from 3 p.m.-4 p.m Pacific: *September 23, 2020 *October 14, 2020 *October 28, 2020 *November 11, 2020 and *December 9, 2020

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This series is sponsored by OTAP. There are no fees for registration.

This series will not be recorded.

Certificates of Attendance for 1 contact hour of credit will be issued for each session.

Meet Your Hosts

Rachel Madel

Rachel Madel M.A.,CCC-SLP is a Los Angeles-based speech-language pathologist and communication expert dedicated to coaching parents and professionals on how to incorporate technology to best support speech and language development. Rachel presents both nationally and abroad on the use of augmentative alternative communication (AAC) for children with complex communication needs and coaches clinicians, teachers and parents on integrating technology in classrooms and at home to support communication. When she’s not working with children in her private practice in Los Angeles, she co-hosts a weekly podcast called “Talking With Tech” that focuses on best practices in AAC. She is the founder of a digital media company that provides educational resources, therapy materials and training videos to help support parents and professionals of children with autism. Her work has been featured in Autism Parenting Magazine, Speech Science, Praactical AAC, Xceptional Ed, Teachers with Apps and ChildNEXUS.

Chris Bugaj

Christopher R. Bugaj, MA CCC‐SLP is a founding member of the Assistive Technology Team for Loudoun County Public Schools. Chris co-hosts the Talking With Tech podcast featuring interviews and conversations about augmentative and alternative communication and has hosted The A.T.TIPSCAST; a multi‐award winning podcast featuring strategies to design educational experiences. Chris is the co‐author of The Practical (and Fun) Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools published by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and has designed and instructed online courses for ISTE on the topics of Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning. Chris is also the author of ATEval2Go, an app for iPad that helps professionals in education perform technology assessments for students. Chris co-authored two chapters for a book published by Brookes Publishing titled Technology Tools for Students with Autism. Chris co‐produced and co‐authored the popular Night Light Stories podcast which features original stories for children of all ages. Chris has presented over 400 live or digital sessions at local, regional, state, national and international events, including TEDx. His latest book The New Assistive Tech: Make Learning Awesome For All, also published by ISTE, is available for order now!

Telepractice Considerations for Complex Communicators - Rachel Madel

September 23, 2020

Session Description

This course will outline assessment and treatment considerations for successfully working with complex communicators via telehealth. Various service delivery models and strategies will be discussed to teach attendees how to work with a child’s communication partner to maximize progress through virtual learning. Participants will learn how to utilize online tools to create efficient systems for planning sessions, tracking progress and communicating efficiently with team members.

Virtual Coaching Strategies for Emergent Communicators - Rachel Madel & Chris Bugaj (2-part series)

October 14, 2020 - Part 1

October 28, 2020 - Part 2

3-4 p.m. Pacific

Session Description

It takes practice to learn any skill. Whether you want to become better at dribbling a basketball, playing a guitar, or becoming an effective communication partner who effectively demonstrates and teaches language to users of AAC, you need the same thing. You need practice. Practice alone, however, does not make perfect. Instead, perfect practice makes perfect. To become a more effective communication partner who is practicing perfectly, feedback and guidance are important, if not necessary, factors. Participants in this 2-part experience will learn a systematic structure for how to develop and foster skills in others so they can become an effective communication partner through the use of practical coaching techniques.

Engaging Telepractice Tools & Ideas for Complex Communicators - Rachel Madel

November 11, 2020

3-4 p.m. Pacific

Session Description

This course will teach participants how to successfully plan and execute engaging virtual sessions with children who have complex communication needs and utilize Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC). Participants will leave the session with numerous therapy ideas, apps and websites that can be used to facilitate communication during virtual learning with children who are emerging in communication skills.

Talking With Tech LIVE: Brainstorming Solutions To Real-Life AAC Questions - Rachel Madel & Chris Bugaj

December 9, 2020

3-4 p.m. Pacific

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Session Description

Talking With Tech is a free, weekly podcast about augmentative/alternative communication. Listeners from around the world have sent in questions about how to consider, select, and implement AAC with students and families. In this interactive session, authentic questions will be posted in a multimedia slide deck and displayed to the participants. Presenters, Chris Bugaj and Rachel Madel will facilitate the experience while also providing evidence-based strategies. Together, participants will brainstorm solutions to the questions and these solutions will be documented in a shared resource and via audio recording. The audio recording will be released on the podcast to help everyone in the community benefit and learn from the crowd-sourced solutions.

Link to Talking With Tech Podcast

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