General Anxiety Disorder

Research and Information on Anxiety Disorder.

Basic description of General Anxiety Disorder

Severe, ongoing anxiety that begins to interfere with your daily activities, the symptoms you need to be wary of is Anxiety that doesn't seem to go away or you find yourself worrying about things that require no worry. There's many causes for this, usually a timid personality is a tell tale of GAD (General Anxiety Disorder). Other causes can be environmental factors, genetics, and even being female can increase your chance of getting the disorder.

Anxiety is more common than you think...

With close to 18% of the U.S. population diagnosed with Anxiety, it's a very common disorder to encounter. People have the highest chance to get the disorder when they are either young (teenager) or in their middle age. Females are more common to get the disorder than men, although men have and do get the disorder as well.

Diagnosis & Treatment

With Anxiety being so common, there's alot of ways to find and treat it. Most Physicians use Psychological questionnaires or ask detailed questions about your anxiety and medical history. If the physician believes that your anxiety is linked to an underlying medical issue, he or she might do an exam or blood and urine tests to see if their correct. Treatment for Anxiety usually comes in medications like antidepressants. If not medications then you will likely be put through psychotherapy, or a talk therapy to find the reason for your anxiety. Most patients are curable, however 1/3 of the patients that have anxiety never go and receive treatment if they did most could be cured with medication and talk therapy.

Ongoing Research

Recently a mouse with Severe Anxiety and memory issues was completely cured of these problems when scientists supplemented the mouse with Omega-3 vitamins. Not saying it can completely cure humans, but it's worth a shot.