Education weekly news

06/03/2013 to 06/14/2013

New link to Schoolpage Homepage in the Menu

What is it?

A direct sub-entry "Train with them" will be added in the menu to drive more traffic to the homepage of School Pages

When will we release this feature?

Roll out of July the 2nd

Old School profiles migrated towards Schoolpage process

Each 10 or 20 new Old School profiles please send an email to product and support to do the migration.

No new queries so far so it is when you want

1st: update the google sheet:

2nd: Product and Support turn the old school profile into Schoolpage

Tips Mailing towards School Page administrators

Product initiative in cooperation with marketing

What is it?

The idea is to shoot advices to administrator of School Pages

To do list:

Product action: segmentation of administrators: ALI

Marketing action: create the email template: REBECCA

in progress

Leads generation

Due to all problems experienced the Roll out targeted will be July or August

Control admin panel: Dispaly Leads ++

This no filter to display Leads ++.

There is only a sorting filter.


A Color highlight can be added to visitors who have had clicked on the following actions to ease the work of administrators:

  • Full program
  • Application form
  • Institution website
  • Send a message

Future products

Goal: improve visibility of trainings with the following ideas:
  1. Create a Training Newsletter
  2. Trainings of the week at the top of the Education Homepage
  3. Display Trainings in job adverts
  4. Video in Trainings