1st grade teacher

By: Lauren Coleman

Why did I choose a 1st grade teacher?

I chose this career for many different reasons. First, I love to work with kids and I would treat them with kindness. Also, I would teach them and made sure they understand what they were being taught. Second of all, I would chose this job because I want to be like my mom. She was a teacher when she got out of college then she became an assistant principle then now a principle. She has been a great inspiration for me and showed me so much especially that hard work pays off. My third and last reason is that I love to do school work and I like to teach it to my friends when they need help.
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What does a 1st grade teacher do?

A first grade teacher usually works with six and seven year olds. The goal you trying to achieve is communicating and encouraging acadimic achievement throughout all the children. As a teacher you need a lot of patience since the kids are still learning how to behave. Teachers make the lesson about reading, writing, mathematics and basic science more fun so the kids want to learn and not get bored. Finally, teachers communicate with parents through report cards where you get a one on one conference talking about how their child is doing and their processes.
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What kind of education would you need to be a teacher?

To become a teacher you need a master's degree. Also, you may need Ph.D., M.D., or J.D. I would like to attend St. John's university to get my degree. Also, you would need 4 years of college to become a teacher.

How much money does a teacher make a year?

Nationally, on average annual wage is 70,920 for entry level worker and 108,730 for experienced workers.

In New York State, on average annual wage is 82,480 for entry level workers and 138,630 for experienced workers.

A first grade teacher earns $17.13 an hour.

What are some related jobs to a teacher?

Some jobs related to a teacher is public relations and fundraising managers, human resources manager, training and development manager, emergency management directors, social and community service managers, ect.
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How many teachers are there in the United States?

There are 3.6 million teachers in the United States.
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What is the future for a teacher job? Will it become more or less popular?

A teachers job is very important since they educate kids. If there were no more teachers around then no one can be educated. This job is going to become more popular over the years when more schools are getting built.