So Much Closer

By: Alexa Euceda


Brooke is a senior in New Jersey. She has spent the last two years in love with Scott Abrams, the only problem is Scott has no idea who she is! When she goes to tell him they were meant to be together she discovers he is moving to New York. Which to her means she has to pack up and go live with her dad so she and Scott aren't separated. But when she gets the she finds out Scott has a girlfriend now. With the drama of school and her old friends turning on her she wonders if she should just move home back to her bipolar mom. But then Scott leaves his girlfriend for her, but it's not how she wanted to be. Then there's john, the student she tutors. He is her best friend. But she soon discovers Scott isn't who she really wants but John is.

Main Characters

Brooke- Brooke is the main character. She is a senior who thinks she's in love with a guy she's never talked to. She's is extremely smart but she doesn't try cause she feels "what's the point" the only thing she cares about is Scott. She is a outsider besides her two best friends cause after her parents divorce she feels everyone will leave her

Scott- guy of Brooke's dreams. She is madly in love with him. The more Scott is around the more you like him. He's cute and Athletic not to mention popular. But his character falls flat when you realize he doesn't have much of a personality.

John- This guy was defiantly my favorite character aside from Brooke herself. He has so much energy and he just blurts out the truth all the time and I love him. He is a huge part in the reason why Brooke finally sees certain things clearly and she becomes just a better person because of him. Any time John was around in the book I would always smile because his personality is the best. he has a learning disability. John is a smart guy you really start realize the more you read about him. I loved reading as Brooke really started to see John for who he was because I was seeing the same thing along with her.

Secondary Characters

Sadie -who at first you have to wonder if she will be that annoying character actually turns out to be the awesome person you wish could be a friend of yours. At first Brooke finds Sadie seriously annoying and way to persistent, but then once she actually lets her guard down and hangs out with Sadie the two become inseparable.

Candace- one of Brookes only friends who turns on her over a boy. she is unimportant and I don't like her. End of story.

Leslie- Scotts girlfriend when the story first starts, she isn't a main character but she is important because without her and her crap personality Scott and Brooke would have never gotten together like they did so she could realize who she really should be with

Incidental Character

The Mom

The Dad


Mr. Peterson

Main Conflict

One main conflict is Scott moving, because if he didn't move Brooke wouldn't have made it to New York which is the setting of the story or met the people she did which is what made her into the changed person she was at the end of the book. Another main conflict is her parents divorce because even though the divorce takes place before the time the book starts without it she wouldn't be the insecure beginning character we met in the beginning of the book.

Secondary Conflicts-

One is Leslie already dating Scott when Brooke gets there because even though it isn't the biggest deal in the book without it the book would be missing like three chapters and Brooke never would have met John.


The beginning of the book takes place in suburbia New Jersey. But later it goes to New York, New York where it stays for the rest of the book.


Susane Colasanti grew up in New Jersey As a teenage Jersey girl, Susane felt like her true home was across the water in New York City. She moved to Manhattan to attend grad school at New York University in 1996 and has lived in New York City ever since.

Susane has a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Astrophysics/Earth and Space Science with a minor in psychology. She has a master’s degree from New York University in Science Education Teachers of Physics.[ Before becoming an author, Colasanti was a high school teacher of earth science, physics and meteorology in Manhattan and the South Bronx

Point of View

1st person

Literary Techniques

John's words felt like shards of glass when he spoke such hateful things

As alike as two peas in a pod
As big as an elephant
As black as coal
As blind as a bat

A laugh in a sea of sadness
He has a voice of a crow
He has a voice of a wolf
He has the heart of a lion
He is the sun of my sky
He swam in the sea of diamonds


Even though the first the book's theme is love like you would think. The line of love goes further then just a boy. It's also about her learning to trust people again and love her dad after he left her and her mom. It's also a show of true friendship when her friends from home leave her and show just how "true" they are.


- "people always leave" it shows the importance of understanding Brooke and why her personality is how it is

- I leave out the part about my aptitude test. It shows that she is really smart but she doesn't want to show it

-it's unbelievable how you can affect someone else so deeply and never know. goes with the plot because it shows how she starts to let her guard down and let John in

- you can never completely know anyone, no matter how well you think you do. This connects to the character because it shows why she always blocks people out, because they leave her alone.

-things don't get better just because you want them to. It shows that she is learning to let people in and reconnect with her dad and trust people more cause not everyone will hurt her.

Textual Connection

text to world- when john explains how school makes him feel. It connects to the real world cause it shows how hard school actually is.

text to self- trying to improve yourself for a boy.

text to text- Leslie is described as the same the "mean girl" is in every book/ movie.

text to self- not getting along with your mom. And wanting to move out

text to self- She actually got to move

text to text- Most of Susane's books have the same concept just different settings and characters

text to world- its different from the real world because no body gets to just get up and move across the river for a boy

text to self- my parents are also divorced and don't live even close to each other

text to text- every book I read with the setting of New York usually is described exactly the same

text to text- it reminds me a lot about the romance in the fault in our stars ( minus the dying and cancer)

Significance of title

At first it starts out representing how she moved for Scott. But I feel in the end it represented her reconnection with her dad and accepting herself by trusting people more