Evening star

Basic Fact

Venus is a very interesting planet. Venus is the second brightest thing in the sky other then the moon. It was named after the goddess of love and beauty. Venus is second place in many ways along side being the second brightest thing in the sky it is also the second largest planet in the universe. Since Venus and earth are very similar we are usually called sister planets. Venus along with all the other planets can not support life on its surface.Venus was discovered in 1633 by Jeremiah horrocks and Maximilian hell.the first landing on Venus was by a soviet probe named venera 9 it stared orbiting Venus on October 22 1975.Venus is approximately 108 200 000 km away from the sun.

Venus Description

Venus is a very pretty planet it has some key features that make it look like that. Venus is similar to earth in size . Venus also has an atmosphere but the atmosphere keeps in gas from the planet creating a green house affect . Venus also has mini craters on the surface.

The reason we can not live on Venus is because the day temperature of Venus could reach 462 degrees Celsius and nights could reach the same degree.You maybe wondering why Venus has such extreme temperatures if its not close to the sun well this temperature is mostly cause by the planets atmosphere and the gas in produces.By trapping in this gas Venus becomes very hot with not much help from the sun. Venus is also strange because on the surface there are the most volcanos then any other planet in the solar system.

Fun Facts

-Venus spins counter clockwise

-the circumference of Venus is 38 025

- one day on venus is a whole year on earth

- venus has nothing that naturaly orbits it


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