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Save the Date


February 14- Valentines + boxes are due. Party from 2:30-3:15

February 15- Kids Who Care love boxes are due

February 17- No school ( Professional Development Day)

February 20- No school (President’s Day)

February 22-Pioneer Quilt Squares Due

February 24 - Spelling Test


March 9- Little Red Schoolhouse Field Trip ( 9 a.m.-noon)

March 10- Pioneer Day at Livingston Lodge (all day)

March 10- End of 3rd Quarter

March 14- Spring MAP

March 16 &17- Parent-Teacher Conferences

March 17- 3rd Quarter Report Cards Available Online

March 27- Spring Break Begins

One Book One School 2/9/17

All Indian Hill Elementary School students will be reading The Golden Rule as a part of One Book, One School on Thursday. This will be a special time when all students and faculty read a common book together for discussion and reflection. Students are encouraged to wear yellow or gold tomorrow.

Indian Hill Elementary School would like to extend our One Book, One School initiative to our community again through “Care Kits”. During this quarter each student will have the opportunity to take home a “Care Kit” that includes The Golden Rule, talking tips for parents, and an activity related to our school of kindness initiative and school wide overarching guidelines: take care of ourselves, others, and the environment. This powerful project will ensure that every child is exposed to the same concepts for building a culture of kindness at Indian Hill Elementary School. Students will have the opportunity to read a text at home and connect the content to their own lives. The book and activities within the kit will foster connections between children, parents, and school in order to build a foundation that promotes healthy relationships and learning through literature. The activities do not need to be returned but we hope they act as a springboard for discussion at home. This time can also be added to the student’s reading log minutes.

ELA & Social Studies with Mrs. Jackson

During the month of February, fourth grade historians will study pioneer settlement of the Northwest Territory and Ohio River Valley. The culmination of this unit will be our annual fourth grade field trip to both Little Red Schoolhouse and Pioneer Day. These interactive learning experiences will give fourth graders the opportunity to learn about pioneer times through many different hands-on activities and stations. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who make these field trips possible!

Some key vocabulary for this unit will be:

  • Northwest Territory

  • Northwest Ordinance

  • Treaty of Greenville

  • Battle of Fallen Timbers

  • Tecumseh and Blue Jacket

  • Frontier Wars

Writers will continue to study the format of the five paragraph informative essay and will work towards independently writing five paragraphs in one sitting. These essays consist of an introduction paragraph, three detail paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. We have learned about how to organize these essays and have focused on keeping the purpose of the essay consistent throughout. It’s been fun to see them grow from writing just one paragraph at the beginning of the year… to five paragraphs in third quarter!

Math & Science with Mrs. Krehbiel

Mathematicians have been hard at work, learning about fractions. During our fraction unit, students learned how to identify equivalent fractions, how to simplify fractions and how to compare fractions with like and unlike denominators. Students also learned about changing improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to improper fractions. Currently, we are studying how to multiply fractions by a whole number. Throughout the month, we will extend our knowledge of part to whole relationships with decimals. At the conclusion of this unit, students will demonstrate their knowledge of fractional relationships with a combined assessment on fractions and decimals.

During the month of March, we will be busy digging deep into geometry and measurement concepts. We will also be doing a cumulative review of 4th grade skills that students will be assessed on in the spring.

In the next month, Scientists will be wrapping up their studies on energy. Students have learned about how to transfer energy by making a light bulb glow, and making a motor run. They have also learned how to identify insulators and conductors in their environment.