Tierra Del Sol Elementary

January 2023

Happy New Year!! Students Return on Wednesday, January 4th 2023

We would like to wish our Sundancer Family a Happy New Year! We have so much to look forward to in the upcoming semester. Thank you to all that helped make our first semester a wonderful success.

Although this week will be shortened, we are looking forward to welcoming students and teachers back on Wednesday, January 4th for a full school day.

Please Note: Our front entrance will be closed due to construction. Please ring the visitor button and come around the side entrance near the small ole.

1. Our start time and end time will be the same.

2. Pick up times and locations will remain the same. (Exception am Pre-k 3). Pick up area will be relocated to the side gate instead of front entrance.

3. Please remember, attendance matters. The state of Texas requires your child to be in

attendance 90% of the time.

We are looking forward to having a great second semester. Thank you for your support from home. #OneTeamOneVision

Ms. Triplett and Mrs. Jones

January At A Glance

1/4- Back to School/Genre Reading Challenge Begins

1/6 Last day to Test on Bluebonnet Books

1/10 Tutoring

1/11 Club Day/Tutoring

1/12 Tutoring

1/16 No School MLK Holiday

1/17 Tutoring

1/18 Tutoring

1/19 Tutoring

1/21 TELPAS Camp 8-11

1/24 Tutoring

1/25 Club Day/Tutoring/PTO Meeting Cafetorium

1/26 Tutoring

1/27 Bluebonnet Party

1/27 5th Grade Symphony Trip

1/28 TELPAS Camp 8-11

1/28 VEX Competition

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Winter Weather Reminder

Students will be going outdoors for recess and physical education when the temperature is 40 degrees or higher. Please be sure students are dressed for the weather with coats.

We have an abundance of jackets, sweaters, and lunch boxes in our lost and found. Please stop by the office if your child is missing any item.

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Join PTO

PTO is looking for amazing TDS parents!!! Join us on January 25, at 2:45 in the cafetorium to help plan school events and help our SUNDANCERS shine!

It's Free - Click on this link to join PTO https://forms.gle/6CpXfA56cxJjT7eD9


Reading Aloud/ The Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Eight-Year-Old

Make the most out of story time:

Take Turns Reading

During read-aloud time, take turns reading to each other. This builds children's fluency and gives them an authentic audience to read to. You can alternate paragraphs, pages or chapters. For some extra fun, check out a children's play or a reader's theater collection from the library and take on the roles of different characters.

Pause Before Turning the Page

It's tempting to rush through books on the way to another activity. But by occasionally pressing the "pause button" before you turn a page — stopping to notice something about a picture, to explain a word, to ask a question, to make room for your child to ask a question — you can support your child's learning. Prompts like these show kids that you are engaged in the story too: "Wow. Why did he do that?" or "Oh my. I wonder what she's going to do now!"

Make Story Predictions

Experts recommend that parents and caregivers ask kids to predict what will happen next when reading a book together. This builds key literacy skills such as understanding sequencing, plot structure, character motivation and cause and effect. It's as simple as stopping periodically and asking questions like:

  • What do you think is going to happen next?
  • Oh no! What is she going to do now?
  • What would you do if you were him?
  • How are they going to solve this problem?

After they share their idea, respond with "Let's keep reading and find out what happens."

Make Connections to Real Life

Strong readers aren't passive — their minds are constantly making connections between what they read and the world around them. As you read aloud, pause to connect the book to other books you have read together, to your memories or to places or events you both know.