Satire Box

Visual examples and my interpretation of satire.


Making fun of a person/idea to criticize and change opinion.


Portlandia is a satire show that makes fun of the types of people that live in Portland. Characters are exaggerated so that they can be laughed at, and also utilizes bathos so that the audience is drawn in and disappointed in a way that is humorous.
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Tools of a Satirist

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Satire Cartoon 1

The image is satire because it is mocking the people who are anti-vaccine and how they're hurting society.
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Satire Cartoon 2

This image uses the satire technique of caricature to exaggerate Mark Zuckerberg's facial features and poke fun at him.
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Satire Cartoon 3

Satire is used here in the form of incongruity, cows are doing human things which is unexpected.
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Video Defining Satire

AP English Literature and Composition Terms | SATIRE | 60second Recap®

Satire Meme

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