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Home of the Wolverines -December 4, 2020

Message from Mr. D. and Mr. Painter

Greetings Little Cedars Families,

“It’s my happy, lucky, day!”

I had just turned “40 years-old” and was in the midst of a challenging transition in my life. It was somewhere during that time that my mother, Millie Lou Graham, wrote a beautiful letter to me. She wrote to me on unlined paper, in the perfect cursive manuscript of her era. The cancer she hosted had overwhelmed her. She started her letter with this opening:

Dear Lewis, “It’s my happy, lucky day…”

She went on to explain that, on most days, I would bound into the kitchen of our tiny home in North Seattle, and declare that, once again, “Today, was my happy, lucky, day!” On some days it was difficult for her to absorb the enthusiasm I displayed, but for the most part, she recognized that this behavior was the expression of hope and confidence from an eternal optimist. Now, she saw me troubled, and was in search of that version of her son. Knowing that I needed a pep talk, She went on to explain how bringing me into her life had been a source of joy. Millie wanted me to remember that this moment would not define me, but that it would be part of me, for all time. Feeling appreciated is magical!

The words were powerful, and timely. In her letter she encouraged me to look at the positives in my world. The many things that I still had going for me. “Factor those things alongside your disappointments.” She wrote. In doing so, she reminded me of the power I still held in shaping my mood and disposition. (See where I’m going here?)

The letter was written a few months before she passed away. It is a treasure. Luckily, I found the letter in its “rough draft” format in her desk drawer while cleaning out her things. She never finished it, never had the chance to hand it to me. But she didn’t need to. I still have the draft, mounted in a clear glass frame, in my office. I was never able to acknowledge how much her words meant. But, I always remember them. (Some times you have to search for the Silver Lining…)

I am thankful to be able to glance up at that letter when I need it most. I am thankful for the days in which the sum peeks out from the clouds for several hours prior to sunset and the onset of almost 16 hours of darkness. I know that we have several months of “winter” weather just ahead of us and I am aware that the winter is a difficult time to stay as active and engaged as we would like. But, with a little work, and some genuine reflection, I realize that there is a lot to be appreciative of. After that, when I wake up in the early hours of the dawn of a new day, my attitude, and outlook seem to be better. I wake up thinking, “It’s my happy, lucky day…” And, so it is.

We all need something to rally around as this pandemic lingers. Focus your thoughts on yours!

Please know how deeply LCE staff care about you, your children, and our school community.

Wishing you all a “Happy, Lucky, Day!”

Mr. D.

It’s Hard! But, Don’t Give Up!!!

As the school year progresses we are noticing that more and more of our students are tempted to “turn off their cameras” during instruction. This problem is particularly present in older elementary students, Middle Schoolers, and especially prevalent, among High School students. I am continually encouraging our students to stay engaged. One way to do so is to prepare for the day as if you were going to school on campus. Take a shower, eat well, brush your teeth, comb your hair and come to your ZOOM school!

If you are able, turn on your camera, interact with your teacher, and peers. There is tremendous value in being able to see the faces of other people during this lonely time. It energizes our staff to see our students’ faces during remote learning! We respect that we can’t force students to be on camera, but we encourage their active engagement. We have already seen a correlation between missing assignments, and a lack of engagement. Simply put, our informal observation would indicate that students who are responding, or asking, questions, with cameras on, are more engaged in their learning, and are more likely to complete assigned tasks.

Our staff is working together to develop strategies for keeping students engaged. There is an expanding body of research on remote instruction and we incorporate this information into our instructional practices. We know that the current educational environment is not our “preferred model”, but we also recognize that it is our current reality.

Thank you for supporting your children and our teachers as we continue to navigate this pandemic.

Good news is coming! Until then, I wish you many, “Happy, lucky, days!”

Mr. D. and Mr. Painter

Thank you for the gift card donations for the Snohomish Food Bank!!

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Little Cedars A.S.B. sponsored Toy Drive, November 30 - December 15

Join us in celebrating the gift of giving by donating a new unwrapped toy for a child!

Little Cedars has become an official drop site for Toys for Tots. Toys will be collected during your child’s distribution day or you may donate any time in the toy drop box outside the LCE office. The box will be there for the duration of the Toy Drive.

If you are unable to drop a toy off at school, visit the Toys for Tots website to donate.
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Students will have the opportunity to participate in “Hour of Code” December 7-11 during their library time MWF. In addition, there are live codebyte sessions students can join.

You can learn more at

Calendar Information

Please check our website calendar anytime by clicking here.

  • December 18, Early release at 11:30a.m. (School office closed at 11:00a.m.)

  • December 21-January 1, Winter Break - No school or Lunch service

  • January 18, Martin Luther King Jr's Day - No school or Lunch service.

Looking even further into 2021, we wanted you to make you aware of the potential for change to Spring Conference Week/Spring Break 2021 schedule.

Week of March 28 - Spring Conference Week

  • The district has not made a decision around Spring Conference Week, but due to the uncertainty around COVID-19, we feel the need to let our students and families know as soon as possible about a potential change. At this time, please plan on this week to be a five-day instructional week (same as the 2020 Fall Conference Week schedule).

Week of April 4 – Spring Break Week

  • There will be no school during Spring Break (April 5-9).

Distribution Schedule

In an effort to ensure more social distancing and safety, the school is now utilizing a contactless pick-up and return of materials. You come to the school and pull up along the curb by the front office during the distribution time. One person will get out of the vehicle and walk to the area where the bags of materials will be. The bag you are returning will be placed in your class’ designated return basket. Take your child’s new bag, return to your car, and drive away.

Any supply bags left will be available to pick up the following day from 8:00a.m.-3:00p.m. outside in front of the school on a cart/table. Thank you!

December 9

4th grade 2:00p.m.-3:00p.m.

December 14

2nd grade 2:00p.m.-3:00p.m.

December 15

3rd grade 1:00p.m.- 3:00p.m.

December 16

5th grade 1:00p.m.-3:00p.m.

December 17

Winter's class 2:00p.m.-3:00p.m.

***Please note that all items are inside and doors are locked by 3:00p.m. So if you are running late and cannot make it here before 3:00p.m. please call us so we can make arrangements to leave your students bag outside for you to pick up.

Well Care

Washington State Department of Health has a campaign to inform parents about the importance of well care even during a pandemic. Here are resources, in multiple languages and focus on different age groups.

English Language:

· Keep them up-to-date, ages 7-14

· Well Care is important, even in a pandemic - children

· Well Care is important, even in a pandemic - infants

Spanish Language

· Keep them up-to-date, ages 7-14 ES

· Well care is important, even in a pandemic - children ES

· Well Care is important, even in a pandemic - infants ES

Russian Language

· Keep them up to date RU

· Well care is important, even in a pandemic – children RU

· Well care is important, even in a pandemic - infants RU

Virtual Spirit Days Schedule

  • December 18 - Goofy Sweater Day
  • January 22 - Pajama Day
  • February 26 - Dress to Impress Day
  • March 19 - Wacky Day
  • April 23 - Multiples Day
  • May 21 - Paw Pride/LCE Spirit Day
  • June 18 - Beach Day - (please dress school appropriate)

From our Counselor

Greetings Families,

I realized the other day that we are finishing week 12 of this school year already! As always, I am so impressed with the efforts that students, teachers and parents continue to put forth. We are now 1/3 of the way through the school year; for most of us, that realization probably brings up mixed feelings. Of course, that is true for our students, as well. Many of your children are receiving lessons on topics related to emotions right now, through our 2nd Step social-emotional learning program. This week in 3rd grade, our lesson was about "conflicted" or "mixed" feelings specifically. I find the kids are, by and large, quite willing to share their experiences, and relieved to have them "normalized". There is power in simply validating what a mixed bag of emotions this period has brought to us. Please don't hesitate to talk about this with your kids. Some people think this will lead to being stuck in the negative, but it actually helps, and can prevent some acting-out behavior that arises when children don't know how to articulate what's going on inside them. Speaking of misbehavior, naturally you may be seeing more of this as the weeks continue on, especially this time of year. I found this article from Child Mind Institute to be a good one. (You can also sign up for a weekly newsletter).

How to Help Children Calm Down | Child Mind Institute

Tantrums, outbursts, defiance, fighting: These are all things kids do when they can't control powerful emotions. Learn how to help kids calm down before frustration, fear or anger builds into explosive behavior. Emotional regulation is a skill some kids need to be taught.

Hoping you all can find and focus on creative ways to connect with those you love this holiday season, and adapt your treasured traditions to our trying times!

Take care, Libbie

Food Service and Holidays

With the upcoming holidays and non-student days, we wanted to provide clarity around food service availability. Changes will be in effect for the following dates:

Monday, December 21-Friday, January 1 - Winter Break

  • Food service will not be available from Monday, December 21 through Friday, January 1.
  • Food service will resume on Monday, January 4.

Monday, January 18, 2021 – MLK Jr. Day

  • Food service will not be available on Monday, January 18.

Please note that the free lunch program has been extended through the end of the school year.


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Little Cedars PTA News

Next PTA Meeting: December 8, 2020

Join us Tuesday, December 8 at 7:00 p.m. for our next PTA meeting. All families and staff are welcome. Our PTA meetings always include school updates from Mr. D. and an open forum to ask questions - they are a truly helpful way to stay connected and learn about the school, especially now!

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 938 7471 4255

Passcode: LCE1208

Teachers and volunteers, if you have any grant proposals or new funding requests for the PTA, this is a great week to make them! Please submit them through Mr. D.

Coming Soon: Art Club & Winter Lego Club

Next week we will start registering for the winter session of Lego Club, and we will introduce our new Art Club – geared toward activities the kids can do at home with instruction over Zoom. Make sure you sign up for our Wolverine Weekly newsletter or visit the LCE PTA website next week.

Is Your Teacher’s PTA Membership Sponsored Yet?

Let’s see if we can get all our teachers’ and staff members’ PTA memberships covered for this school year!

We want our teachers and staff to know they always have a voice and a vote in our PTA. We all work together to serve our Little Cedars kids! Teachers and staff are never required to be members, but sponsoring their membership helps take one more expense of being an educator off their shoulders.

The following teachers and staff members can still be sponsored for $10 each:

Kindergarten: Miss. Johnson

Third Grade: Mrs. Pederson, Ms. McCormack

Fifth Grade: Ms. Collins

Staff Members: All

If more than one family offers to sponsor the same teacher’s membership, we’ll call or email you. You can choose to sponsor a different staff member or we will gladly refund your donation.

Share Your Photos with the Yearbook

Did your kiddos wear their Huskies or Cougars gear for last Friday’s spirit day? Have you taken any photos of them enjoying their after-school clubs on Zoom? We would love to include them in this year’s yearbook!

Sixth grade families, don’t forget to submit a baby photo of your Sixth Grader for their very LAST elementary school yearbook!

E-mail your photos to our Yearbook Committee ( Or, upload them directly at (enter User ID 415783965).

Volunteers Needed

Winter Fun Events

How can we bring some cheer home this year, to brighten the winter months ahead? A take-home art project? A hot chocolate & movie night? Candy cane bingo, and wrapping up parents as toilet-paper snowmen this time? If you have ideas for virtual or take-home fun, or some time to help make it happen, please e-mail

Student Directory

The PTA compiles and prints an LCE Student Directory each year, using parents’ contact information that has been reviewed and released by the school district. To produce a directory this year, we would need a volunteer or two to take charge of distributing opt-out forms to all families, collecting responses, organizing the contact information into a printable format, then arranging a cost-effective way to print. Interested? Contact

Join the PTA

The Little Cedars PTA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that strives to benefit all students at Little Cedars Elementary in their education, health, safety and welfare as we connect with each other in our community. Together we plan, implement and provide funding for academic, social and community service activities throughout the school year.

Joining the PTA shows your support for the school, gives you a vote at PTA meetings, and helps fund all our Little Cedars programs and scholarships. There is no obligation to volunteer or come to meetings – we are grateful for however you choose to be involved!

Individual Membership: $15

Family Membership (2 Adults): $25

Sponsor a Teacher: $10

Stay Connected

Visit the LCE PTA website | Sign up for our Wolverine Weekly newsletter | Visit us on Facebook

District device phone support - Call 360-563-3000

Students and families can call 360-563-3000 for live technical support from:

  • 7:30a.m. to 2:00p.m., Monday through Thursday and 7:30a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Friday

For questions that are school, classroom, assignment or teacher specific, please contact your teacher directly.


The Snohomish School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the

basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual

orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or

service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth

groups. The following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints

of alleged discrimination: Civil Rights Coordinator, Title IX Coordinator and ADA – Darryl

Pernat, 1601 Avenue D, Snohomish, WA 98290, 360-563-7285,;

Section 504 Coordinator and Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying – Shawn Stevenson, 1601

Avenue D, Snohomish, WA 98290, 360-563-7314,