The Five Foundations

Matt Lahr and Tyler Voight

Save a $500 Emergency Fund

The emergency fund should be in a separate account from your savings/spending money. It should be easy enough to reach in an emergency, but to hard to get at so you don't spend it on non emergency things.

Get Out of Debt

Pay off all your debt if you have any so that you are debt free, and pay cash for everything so that you avoid any future debt problems.

Pay Cash for Your Car

Save up money over time and pay cash for a car.

Then after you have a car you can save up more money to buy a better car in the future.

Pay Cash for College

Start saving and try to pay cash for college, avoid student loans.

Build Wealth and Give

Once you start saving and investing your money you will begin to gain wealth. As you gain wealth you can start giving back to those around you.