White Oak River Basin

by: Briana Johnson


  • White Oak River Basin is located in Sturgeon City.
  • Major Cities in this River Basin include: Jacksonville and U.S. Marine Corps base at Camp le Jeune.
  • Counties located in White Oak include: Carteret, Jones, and Onslow county.

Native Plants and Animals


  • People often come to White Oak River Basin to see their rare and endangered species such as the LeatherBack Sea Turtle
  • White Oak has many activities to offer such as Hiking, Biking, and Paddle boating.

About the Water

  • The source of the region of the River Basin is located in the town if Swansboro.
  • The water empties into the Bogue Sound.
  • The water quality of White Oak is very excellent and an important source to humans and wildlife.
  • White Oak is polluted mostly by runoff full of nutrients rich in nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • An individual can prevent pollution by preserving buffers of trees and shrubs alongside the river
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Size and Population

  • There is 320 miles of rivers/streams within the River Basin.
  • The Overall size of the River Basin including forest's and wetlands is 80,000 acres
  • The latest listed population is 280,101


The White Oak River Basin has more than 20 hiking trails and around 12 biking trails.
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