Steven Austin

Westward Expansion

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Why I moved west

I was born in Southwestern Virginia my parents are Moses and Julia Austin I was only 5 years old when my family and I moved to Missouri it was hard to travel but we went for our own good.My dad Moses Austin established the town of Potosi while me and my mom Julia stayed in lead mines in the southern eastern part of Missouri. My father suffered from pneumonia contracted in Texas which caused his death.

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny inspired me to talk about me Stephen Austin colonizing the Mexican province of Texas. It was the idea to expand the U.S from coast to coast because I felt that it was meant to be.While I led the settlers to a fertile area we kept traveling until we felt that the northern province part of Mexico was a good place to stay, my settlers were very happy but 12 years later I was caught and put into jail , and that's when all of a sudden Texas started going after the mexican government.

Challenges I faced during the expansion

Where I settled


After my father Moses formed a population in the late 1820s and 1821 I clearly decided to finish what my father had begun and make the population grow and make Texas a popular state and follow the plans my father wanted to do.
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"The decree of the 3rd October there fore, if carried into effect, evidently leaves no remedy for Texas but resistance , secession from Mexico, and a direct to natural rights" (Austin 1836)
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What I achivied

During all the challenges I hoped for all my settlers to follow me and help me make a huge population and be very successful and that's what exactly happened. My hopes were to introduce a high population to introduce Texas also having achivied unique influence over the unfaithful settlers in Anglo texas.


Sunday, Nov. 3rd 1793 at 6:15pm

Austinville, VA, United States

Austinville, VA