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June 5, 2015

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Tweets of the Week

Thank You to all of the Families who attended International Night last Friday! More than 200 people came to celebrate KP's cultural diversity. Diversity is our Strength!

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Things to KNOW


  • 6th - Jazz Band @ Celebrate West Hartford
  • 8th - Jazz Band @ Pond House
  • 10th - 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony
  • 16th - Last Day of School
  • 29th - Virtual Book Study on Beyond The Bake Sale

This week we've been playing 8th grade student-produced music from Mrs. Zerra's class. For your listening pleasure.

If you are missing a phone or an iPod please contact Mr. Yepes in security.

KP Student Art Featured at Celebrate West Hartford

KP has 8 students who have donated pieces to sell. If their piece sells, they receive a gift card and swag bag from Jerry's Artarama. We are hoping to raise up to $1000 for the foundation. Check it out and if there is something you love....BID! Click for more info here and the link to the auction is below.


Stacey Grindle, KP Art Teacher

Student Obligations Due before Fun Field Trips

If students still owe a library/classroom book, they MUST return it or pay for the lost book, before being allowed to attend the field trip. Teachers and staff have spoken with students and made contact home to give students ample opportunity to return classroom materials. We appreciate the 95% of 8th graders who have returned their books.

Thank You Notes to our Retired Crossing Guard, Mr. Subar

8th grade student, Hannah M., is organizing a way to say thank you to our former crossing guard, Mr. Subar, who has decided to retire after 20 years. She is encouraging the KP community to show our appreciation for his service not only as our crossing guard but also as a police officer and a member of the armed forces, and is inviting students and families to send him a big packet of thank you notes to let him know we care and miss him. This is a wonderful way to demonstrate good citizenship, and this is a moment where we can thank those people around us who take care of us each and every day.

Please write your thank you notes at home or during advisory, and return them to the main office by June ​11th so we have time to get him our notes before school ends. There will be a bag in the front office labeled "Mr. Subar". Thank you for all your help!

News from the Library

  • A huge thank you to all the students and teachers who supported the Book Fair. We sold $3,866 and made a profit of over $1,000 for new library books.

  • Another enormous thank you to ALL students who brought in gently used books. Here are the final top 3 teams: in 3rd place, the Ruby team with 567. In 2nd place, the Sapphire team with 613. And in 1st place and the winners of the ice cream party, the TOPAZ team with 1,255 books. The grand total was an unbelievable 3,014 books collected!

WEB Crew

Calling all 7th graders - Join WEB Crew!

Recently, Mr. Jones, our 6th grade PE teacher and Ms. Tamayo, one of the school counselors, introduced a new leadership opportunity to 7th grade students called WEB Crew.WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs. WEB Crew gives 7th grade students entering the 8th grade the chance to work with, help, lead, and role model for 6th grade students. It's an exciting opportunity. Many 7th grade students have already applied, but we still need more applications to make this the amazing program it's going to be. If your son or daughter is interested in applying, please let them know that the new deadline for applications is Monday, June 8. Please click here for the application If this sounds like a great possibility for your child, please encourage your child to apply. Thank you!

More Details to Follow!

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We Want Students Reading This Summer!

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Quest Type III Project - Heifer International

Dear KP Families,

This year for QuEST, I am doing my Type III project on social media marketing. As part of my project, I am fundraising for Heifer International, an organization that empowers families to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity. What I love most about Heifer’s work is the sustainable way they are transforming the world, one family, one community, at a time. I would really appreciate it if you could tweet my fundraiser through Twitter and any other social media platforms.

Heifer’s approach is unique in that they give families a hand-up, not just a handout. Their model is simple and it works: Heifer provides livestock and training to a family facing poverty; that family shares the knowledge they receive along with the first female offspring of their livestock with another family, extending the impact of the original gift. As these families achieve self-reliance, entire communities are uplifted.

I believe in Heifer International and am fundraising to support their life-changing work around the world. Please click on the link below to visit my fundraising page and make a tax-deductible donation safely and securely online.

Please donate today. Together, we have power over poverty.

P.S. Forward this email to your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and spread the word about the impact Heifer is making around the globe. And while you’re at it, ask your employer if they will double your donation through a matching gift!

Quest Project to Rebuild Jonathan's Dream -Buy your Tickets Now--Closing June 7th

Hello KP Families,

My name is Shara Reimer and I am an 8th grade Quest student at KP. This year for my Quest Project, I am studying inclusive playgrounds. Inclusive playgrounds are special playgrounds for kids with and without disabilities. As part of my project, I am raising money for Jonathan's Dream Reimagined. Jonathan's Dream Reimagined is currently trying to raise money to rebuild Jonathan's Dream, an inclusive playground in West Hartford which had to be taken down. I am having a raffle to raise money for the cause. Tickets can be purchased online at or before or after school at KP. Please consider making a donation to this wonderful organization! Thank you!

Ticket Prices- $3/ 1 ticket, $5/ 2 tickets, $10/ 5 tickets, $15/ 8 tickets, $20/ 12 tickets, $25/ 15 tickets

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Sign up to receive information on school happenings

We'd love to use the features Final Site offers us to communicate with KP families. Please register to receive e-mail and/or text messages about school happenings. Sign up by clicking on the following link:


Please be aware that before the first day of your child's 7th grade school year, the following information needs to be brought to the school nurse.

1. Physical exam completed after 7/1/2013

2. Updated immunizations to include Menactra, Tdap and 2 Varicella

Thank you and if you have any questions call us.

Melissa Hawkins RN and Kathy Condon RN

office # 860-929-5260

fax # 860-929-5283


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