Mrs. Green's Class Newsletter

Room 203

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It's good to be back! I enjoyed my first full week back in the classroom. It's been great getting to know the students better and getting into a routine. They have been working hard this week and learning a lot!

The pumpkin project is due this Monday, October 19! I hope you are enjoying this fall project. I know I am looking forward to seeing all of the pumpkins coming in. Please don't forget to check your student's Friday Folders and also sign and return their Social Studies tests.

Next week we only have three and a half school days, due to Parent/Teacher Conferences. Since the week is so short, there will be NO new Spelling or Vocabulary words introduced. Ms. Ruiz and I look forward to seeing you at conferences!


This week in Math, the students reviewed long division. They have been practicing long division with 2 digit divisors. "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally," should also be a familiar phrase. The students learned that the order of operations is very important in solving equations!



This week in Reader's Workshop, we continued learning close reading strategies called, Sign Posts. We discussed two sign posts, "Words of the Wiser" and "Again and Again" moments. These are important places for students to stop and ask questions about the text. The answers can help them make predictions and infer theme, character motivations, etc.


This week we began a new science unit, Ecology. So far we have learned that there are four main Earth systems, the geosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere. We read the Lorax and identified examples from each of these systems in the book. We talked about how the different systems are constantly interacting with each other.

The students were introduced to an Ecology project that they will be working on this trimester. They will be researching the Human Impact on the Environment. Mrs. Hopper, our librarian, worked on how to use a database and how to choose a topic and then narrow it down. Next week the students will learn more about paraphrasing and keeping track of their sources.

In Science Lab, the students observed and identified several different macroinvertebrates found in streams and ponds. They learned how the presence of aquatic life can be used as an indicator of water quality.


  • Science Lab

  • Ecology Research Project

  • Words of the Wiser and Again and Again moments

  • Pumpkin Project


Wednesday, October 21st
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences (4:30-7:30)

Thursday, October 22nd
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences (1:00-8:00)
  • Half Day of School

Friday, October 23rd

  • No School