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June 22, 2020

UPDATE: Post Commander's Challenge

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It's about endurance, not speed!

The picture above captures a not so surprising fact - my running pace is well below the posted speed limit for the town in which I live. I intend to work towards speeding up my pace but my true aim is to continue running and daily engaging in other forms of physical exercise, for years to come.

In fact, in the first 5 days of my run streak, I was feeling quite happy to see steady improvement related to my physical fitness. And then came day 6... I walk! I hadn't hydrated well during the unscheduled but necessary extra Post Clean-up day. So by Friday evening, when I finally returned home, the temperature outside felt like Hades on earth! I was already tired and didn't believe running would result in a positive outcome. Therefore, I chose to move intentionally and briskly in a 1-mile walk. Since that day, I plan my runs for mornings to beat the heat!

Even though I felt disappointed to break my run streak, I'm proud of myself for recognizing it was better to adjust my plan than to succumb to the easier response - do nothing because I can't do what I planned to do. I am prone to an all or nothing attitude. Wherever did I pick up that simple-minded thinking? Yep, there's no shortage of the mantra you have to give your all to be a winner embedded in American culture. However, momentum is quickly derailed when conditions aren't optimum for an all in effort and the goal is an immediate win. I'm seeing the greater benefit of succeeding at the long game!

So even if you haven't started a run or walk streak, you can start now. Maybe your streak is only 12 days... maybe less. If you start now and work on practicing mindful movement, 1-mile at a time, you will gain something that will definitely move you towards a bigger win.

Today, day 9 of my run streak, I'm stronger and feeling more in control during the run. I'm even starting to look forward to the next run streak day! So, despite a setback, as a result of not properly hydrating throughout the day, my progress was not stopped. Instead, because of the choice I made to continue moving towards my goal, I have no doubts I will finish my run streak.

Timing often isn't quite right to integrate a new activity into an existing daily routine. Each day, however, is another opportunity to begin the work needed to go after your goals. Therefore, it's never too late to begin your run or walk streak!

During the The 21-day challenge (June 14 - July 4), you are invited to share your experiences and photos throughout your journey or at the end of the challenge at: Your submissions will be added to the Post 782 website, like this one, to inspire others and/or to motivate you to get and keep moving! ~m

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