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By: Yasmin Ramirez

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Mammoths were very big animals and their skin was very thick so they wouldn't feel the cold in their environment. Mammoths weighted about 6 tons and their height was 9 to 10. Mammoths eat about 130 to 660 pounds and drank about 16 to 40 gallons of water. Mammoths were herbivores they ate grass and sometimes plants.

The ears of the mammoths were shorter than the ones of an elephant. The elephants were covered with fat because their environment was cold. Mammoths became extinct because humans killed them to eat their meat and they made stuff with their bones. They also died because of the different climate changes. Scientists can determine the age of an mammoth by the rings on their tusks.

Effects on its ecosystem

The disappearance of mammoth changed the climate on the earth. If the mammoths would still be alive it means that we would be living on ice or in really cold climates. Human being changed mammoths ecosystems because they started to hunt them and to live in their homes. Scientists say that mammoths would still be alive if the humans had not killed them or if they had existed later on.

Mammoths were well adapted to their environment. Mammoths were created with really thick fur and small ears because of the cold on their environment. Mammoths were herbivores because of the amount of trees there was when they existed.

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Religious Reaction

Judaism is very different than Muslims because they believe in different ways of how earth was created. They may believe in some things but they are very different you never know if they believe in many gods or if they only believe in one. Muslims probably believed that there was nothing before god came to the world I think that they don't believe in mammoths. Muslims if they don't believe that anything existed before god then why should they believe that mammoths existed.

Judaism religion believed in different things than the muslims. They probably believe that every animal on Noah's ark was on the ship. Judaism are like the catholic religion so they believe that mammoths didn't exist. Judaism probably thinks that if they did existed why is there not at least one left.

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