"To You From My 5 Senses"

A Poem By Siarra Kidd


I've wanted to talk to you all day

but what's the point anyway

When someone else is on your mind,

feeling the touch of your lips

on the tip of their tongue


I used to carry your scent with me

everywhere that I went

It was comforting in a way

but now it has faded


I want to call you right now,

but I know that you won't pick up

Do you remember when I used to call you

just to hear your voicemail?

It was good until you told me to stop calling

and to quit wasting your time


Do you remember when we would

spend the night on top of the old

elementary school?

We would lay there and talk for hours

while tracing each other's names in the sky

When you left,

I used to question why I still carved your name

into trees that you would never see


As we stood there

your eyes were so empty

No longer full, no longer radiating

Now all I can do is sleep,

dream about you,

wake up,

and do nothing about it.

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