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2020-2021 Class Registration


PowerSchool is open for you to begin entering your class registrations, and the instructions are provided below. With this being a new process for us, we expect there to be some challenges as technology does not always cooperate as we plan. Given this, the RCS Guidance Staff will offer registration workshops via Zoom to assist with any scheduling difficulties you encounter.

Students will only be able to register for classes that have been recommended by their teacher. In the event that a student wishes to take a Higher Level Course that they were not recommended for, the parent must fill out the Course Wavier Form and return it to Mrs. Ragland by email or by mailing a hard copy of the form to the school. When the form has been processed, PowerSchool will reflect the updated course request.

Keep in mind that several students may attend these workshops at the same time, so students should plan to ask general scheduling questions. Students having more specific issues relating to a private scheduling matter will be instructed to request a private conference by emailing the High School Counselor.

Click Here for Student Instructions for Course Registration

Click Here for the Parent Course Waiver Form

Students should be able to enter their requests in 10 minutes or less. The deadline for course entry is Tuesday, April 7, 2020, at 3:00 pm

Class Registration Workshop #1

April 2, 2020, 1:00-2:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 449 237 886

Class Registration Workshop #2

April 3, 2020, 1:00-2:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 587 332 363

Class Registration Workshop #3

April 6, 2020, 1:00-2:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 701 282 338

Additional meetings will be scheduled, based on student demand

Attention Rising Juniors!!

Due to reasons beyond our control, PowerSchool will only allow rising juniors to register for two electives. The High School Guidance Department will enter your core selections.

Please remember that you still need to enter RCS electives even if you plan to take classes at PCC. Mrs. Ragland will be able to drop your RCS electives only after your enrollment at PCC is confirmed. This will not happen until Summer.

Rising Juniors will receive an email when their core classes have been entered and are ready to view.


For now, we will not use paper applications to apply for NVCPS classes. Instead, students who wish to take an online class through NCVPS, please visit the 2020-2021 NCVPS course catalog for a list of available classes. Please complete the NCVPS interest survey (only RCS students will be able to provide responses for the survey) which will serve as our application until we return to school. Remember, NCVPS enrollment is subject to approval by administration.


RCS does not allow students to enroll in VPS classes that are offered at RCS. For example, student applications requesting Spanish II will be denied because this class is taught at RCS. In the event that a student has a scheduling conflict that can't be remedied with in-house scheduling options, RCS administration reserves the right to utilize NCVPS for scheduling adjustments.


Interested in taking free PCC classes as a high schooler next school year? Currently Rising Sophomores and Juniors with an unweighted 2.8 are eligible. Fill out this google form to get on the list. Keep an eye out for application announcements.

All interested students please fill out this google form

questions? Please email

Mrs. Rollins is the Career and College Promise Coordinator. Have questions? Need to register? Please email her at


Summer PE is open to rising 9th-12th graders and provides the option for students to earn the mandatory Health/PE credit that is required for High School Graduation.

For now, we will not use paper applications to sign-up for Summer PE. Interested Students use the link below to register.

Summer 2020 PE Sign-Up Form

The Summer 2020 PE Session Schedule

June 8 - July 23

Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 1:00 pm

In the event we are not able to offer summer PE this year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, students will be informed at a later time.


Since our course registration meetings, the following class has been added to the RCS elective list:

Honors Linguistics

Pre-requisites: 1 year of any foreign language, B or higher in most recent English course (or teacher recommendation) Grades 10-12

What causes people to have foreign accents? Why do I sometimes “make up words,” and my friends understand them? Does your language control what you think about? What was the original language? Do animals each speak their own language?

Linguistics is the scientific study of how language works. In this course, we’ll look at examples from dozens of languages from around the world. As long as you speak at least one language, you’re all set to jump right in and learn about all of language’s hidden secrets!

Co-teachers: Mr. Storrs & Mrs. Knaub-- Contact them for more information

This class is available for course selection in the electives tab on the course registration portal.


I was recommended for an Honors or AP class, but I want to take a less demanding course.

Teacher recommendations are based on student performance and test data. Students are encouraged to keep their teacher's class recommendation but should consult with the High School Principal if they have concerns.

What is the policy for late arrival or early release?

Permission for late arrival or early release must first be approved by administration and is offered only to juniors and seniors who have off-campus classes or are employed. Students must also be in good academic and behavioral standing, provide proof of employment or proof of off-campus PCC class enrollment.

How do I become a TA, will I get a grade?

Mrs. Ragland will email rising juniors and seniors the TA sign-up link. TA's are not graded and do not receive high school credit.

When will schedules be ready?

Students will receive communication from the school over the summer when schedules are ready to view in PowerSchool.

When will my PCC classes be added to my RCS schedule?

Over the summer, Mrs. Rollins gives Mrs. Ragland confirmation of PCC schedules. Mrs. Ragland has to hand enter each PCC class into PowerSchool, so it takes a while to get everything in. Students will be emailed to check their schedules in PowerSchool when all PCC classes are added.

If I'm taking classes at PCC, how many RCS classes must I take?

Students must take a minimum of four (4) classes at RCS. However, to meet the requirements of the RCS partnership agreement, all students must take at least six (6) classes each school year.

What is the RCS drop/add policy?

Students have 10 days after the start of school to make adjustments to their schedules. Scheduling changes are based on availability and Counselor and Principal approval.

What is PCC's drop/add policy?

PCC's drop/add policy is separate from RCS. Students will need to consult with Mrs. Rollins and Mrs. Ragland about the steps they need to take to drop or add a PCC class.

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