Taelor Alston

How It All Started

In 2007, five minutes before the school day was over, my mom

called me at school to tell me

that I was a car rider. In my head I was thinking “why”?

When we were dismissed, I went

straight to the car rider’s line. I saw my car, and wa

lked straight to it. When I got in the car, I

looked at my mom’s face and she didn’t look too happy. I as

ked her what was wrong and she


The Scary Moment

She told me there was something wrong with my dad. I

mmediately, my heart rate grew

quicker and my eyes filled up with tears. She said he is i

n the hospital because he lost a lot of

blood in his chest from his surgery. I felt really scared

at that moment. We drove to the hospital,

and my mom checked us in so we could go see him.

A Moment Of Relief

We went ba

ck to go see him. I saw my dad

lying on the bed. It looked like they had already fixed him, s

o I knew he was ok now. The doctor

came in the room to tell us more about my dad. He told us

that if my mom hadn’t have rushed

him to the hospital fast enough, he could have died. At

this moment, I felt very relieved that my dad was ok, and that's all that matters.