A large destructive fire that spreads quickly

Bad things on wild fires

1.Weather conditions can directly contribute to the occurrence of wildfires through lightning strikes or drought.

2.About an average of 1.2 million acres of U.S. woodland burn every year.

3.Smoke from wildfires contains two main kinds of carbon particles witch is veary bad for the air and enviormant.

People in wildfires

This is a image of some people helping or trying to stop a wildfire but some of the people lose there lives because for the smoke in the air is bad for there lungs.

Animals in wildfires

Animals in wildfires may not seem like a big deal but really when you lose lots of our animals there populathion is decreasing so that means less animals witch means less food our the human populathion.

Our enviorment before and after a wildfire

Here you can see how pretty and beautiful our land look before the wild fire but then after you can see how bad it was effected by the fire and all that was burnd down and put to just ash .