Style Squad News!

Big things are happening around here!

I have to apologize for not being as diligent with my emails as of late. Many of you know that my beloved laptop was ruined at a team meeting recently and I haven't yet replaced it, so a lot of my "correspondence" has been done via iPad and iPhone and it's just not cutting it. I am hoping to have my new laptop just in time to head to Hoopla - I really feel as though I am missing an appendage!

The last few months have been amazing! The launch of the summer collection, stellar sales, promotions, and some great additions to our Style Squad team!

Welcome to the following new Stylists:

Alexandra Dimatteo

Ann Kerti

Brittany Newman

Cindy Kong

Elmira Severina

Erica Pylypczak

Erinn Teeuwen

Ghazal Sholeh

Heather Reid

Jenna Rolstin

Jennette Goetgheluck

Karen Haley

Katherine Hsiao

Kathryn Gibson

Mary Norman

Nimfa Dulay

Renee Reddeman

Roxanne Serra

Sarah Duffey

Sonya Sedgwick

Stephanie Ramos

Stephanie Taylor
Tawnya Swartzentruber

Best of luck to all of you ladies as you rock out your Jumpstarts and start your businesses! Please add yourselves to our Style Squad Facebook Group:

Needing help? Please reach out to your Sponsor or Upline Star or Director for help and advice! We have monthly meet-ups that are a huge bonus for everyone to attend and there are also monthly New Stylist Trainings that will help to get you off to a great start and also act as great refreshers for more seasoned Stylists!

Top Ten in Sales for April:

Rebecca O'Connor $12657.11

Diana D'Amato $3088.60

Sara Pritchard $3065.00

Jackie Rowley $2338.60

Angela Bouchard $2031.00

Sanaa Geneski $1851.00

Marisa Seed $1793.00

Silvia D'Annunzio $1732.00

Cheryl McKeon $1674.00

Andrea Parsons $1511.00

Top Ten in Sales in May

Sara Pritchard - $5710.08

Rebecca O'Connor - $5383.78

Dawn Nottle -$2671.75

Diana D'Amato - $2594.00

Brittany Newman - $2523.00

Marisa Seed- $2132.50

Rhonda Brown - $1953.55

Bethenia Duffey - $1909.00

Elmira Severina- $1714.87

Fall 2013 Collection!

The new fall collection is launching soon! I am giddy with excitement and the sneak peeks have me going CRAZY! Can you say SILVER Pegasus?? How about CHEETAH iPad Case?? SWOON!

All Stylists and customers will be able to order from the new collection on July 17th! However, if you are attending Hoopla, you can order on the 15th from the comfort of your hotel room!

You are probably wondering what to do with jewels that have been retired so here is what I do: I host a massive sample sale/new line launch. I know some Stylists do this in June, but I prefer to do it later in July as I want to showcase the new collection as well and have people fall in love with the new jewels. I invite all of my hostesses and best customers and they are allowed to bring along a friend or two (hopefully someone I will book a trunk show with at my show!) In one room I have the entire new collection set up and in another I have any samples that have been discontinued or samples that aren't selling well that I want to unload too. I have those pieces with a price tag on them and I put the original price crossed out plus the discounted price I want to sell it for. It is 50-75% off depending on the wear of the sample. I send a paperless post invite, and follow up with a reminder closer to the date. I also talk about it on my Facebook Page (please note that you are not allowed to post prices of any of your samples on FB - only photographs and a note saying "message me for pricing". Posting prices of samples is strictly against our Policies & Procedures.) The day before the event I send out a reminder email to those that RSVP'd yes and I list the rules (no biting others to get the jewels ;), no "reserving" samples ahead of time, no showing up early to get a sneak peek, cash/cheque only for samples but credit card allowed for new line, and the special rule that if they book a trunk show for August or September, they can choose any discontinued sample for free!!) This little note gets them super excited and has them lining up at the door! It also books me several shows as people LOVE taking something for free! I usually sell enough of the new line to qualify it as a trunk show so I actually earn commission AND hostess rewards on those items. That means more of the new line for me for free! Any cash that I get from the discontinued pieces I reinvest in the new line as well.

Just to make it super easy for you, here are the words I used for my fall sample sale last year - feel free to use these or modify to your own lingo using Evite or Paperless Post:

You and your BEST girlfriend are invited to my:

Exlcusive Sample Sale & Fall Line Launch

Date: XXX

Time: XXX

Place: XXX

Thank you for being a valued Hostess, Customer and Friend! My success in this business is thanks to all of you! So now it is my turn to spoil YOU! Enjoy some yummy desserts, try on the latest fall styles and shop exclusively at my sample sale!

Cash or cheque only for discontinued samples, all sales final. Book a Trunk Show with me before September 30th and pick out one of these pieces for FREE!

You will also be able to preview the new Fall 2013 Collection that is truly the best collection yet! I can't wait to see you! XO


Product Alert List

It is really important to make sure you are checking the Product Alert list before your trunk shows, because our retired items will be going completely out of stock, and won't be available to order for your customers.

How much should you invest in the new collection? Typically , we recommend you invest what you would earn in a month. So if you do 1 show a month, S&D recommends you invest $250 (based on a $1000 trunk show). If you do 4 a month, then maybe you invest $1000. Keep in mind it is a business and you don't want to invest all of your profit - you have to have the trunk shows to earn it back! I know it is tempting to get lots of jewels, but then you have to be committed to booking the shows to earn it back!

FYI, I am toying with the idea of hosting a GROUP TRUNK SHOW after our Fall Rally ... everyone involved would act as the Hostess, invite their guests, and use my collection of jewels and bags to sell off of. This is a great opportunity to earn some commission AND the Hostess Rewards from the show to then invest in all of your favourites! This is also a great way to book future trunk shows and set your Fall season up strong. I would love to hear your thoughts on this! This could be a huge success!!

I am SUPER excited to see the new collection at Hoopla ... please stay tuned to the Style Squad Facebook Page for all of the action and excitement as our team whoops it up in VEGAS, baby!!!!

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