Tobacco Is Very Dangerous!!!!!!!!!!

by: haley crowe and Doris ayona

Facts About Tobacco

how the use of tobacco can effect the health triangle

it can effect the health triangle by what things you do like sports or other curricular activities

how tobacco effects the mental and emotional health

It effects the way you treat other people. It also effects the amount of stress relief. you wont be able to face your kids or watch them also will effect your children

The Dangers Of Tobacco

the dangers of using tobacco is you could die. also you could be hospitalized. also you could be diagnosed with lung cancer.tobacco increases your risk of cancer. just one puff releases harmful chemicals into the mouth. just one puff can harm both the smoker and anyone around them.

physical consequences


  • the way you act
  • the way you treat others
  • your mind
  • your stress

social consequences


  • the way you act to other people
  • your social networking
  • your social stress
  • just the social part of your life
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