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July 25, 2022 - for Students, Parents & Families

Back-to-School Updates

We are looking forward to seeing our students in just a few weeks. School begins on Wednesday, August 10.

Tomorrow, you should receive an email from the district giving you the access you need to see your child's schedule. We want you to keep a few things in mind when looking at their schedule:

  • Please note that the Academic Strategies class is also their homeroom class.
  • The Academic Strategies classes fall in 3rd period for 8th graders, 4th period for 7th graders, and 5th period for our 6th graders. During this class period, students will also attend lunch.
  • In addition, both the Academic Strategies classes and some of our 8th period classes (for study hall) are labeled specific to the content of the teacher. For example, if a teacher teaches Science, the Academic Strategies class will be labeled Science Academic Strategies. Teachers will utilize their expertise in that particular content area to assist students with study skills and/or tiered instruction. This will be a time period for students to get help from different content area teachers if needed.
  • In 8th period, some of our students have been selected for a science elective or a math intervention. This is an area to assist him/her with his learning needs.

Once school begins, there will be additional opportunities for 8th period selections. Some of these opportunities will include drama, dance, digital media, and yearbook. Your child will have opportunities to explore more about these class offerings and the application process for 8th period once school begins.

As always, let us know if you have questions or concerns throughout the process. You can reach out to your child's counselor (see below) or an administrator at any time.

For your reference, Jason Bostic is our sixth grade assistant principal ( ); Ashley Perry is our seventh grade assistant principal (; and Donna Morgan is our eighth grade assistant principal (

Get Involved Through PTO

Our Parent-Teacher Organization is an amazing opportunity for parents and families to be part of all that is happening in and around the school. If you are interested in being part of our organization, find out more through the Membership Toolkit website here.

We have monthly meetings to highlight what is going on in the life of the school. Our admin team and teachers provide regular updates to parents, and seek parent feedback through these regularly scheduled meetings. In addition, through PTO, there are many avenues to volunteer. Come join us!

A Note from the Nurse

Attention: Parents of Incoming 6th graders

All incoming 6th graders need to receive a dose of the Tdap vaccine before entering the 6th grade.

Please speak to your child’s physician to see what vaccines are needed before the start of the 2022-2023 school year.