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September 2022

The Home/School Connection

When parents and teachers work well together, everyone benefits. Parents and teachers can provide each other with unique insight and different perspectives about their child(ren), creating a complete understanding of abilities, strengths, and challenges. The teacher may know much more about the curriculum and the school, while you know more about your child's personality and family life. A successful parent-teacher partnership also shows a child that an entire team of adults is on their side.

Even if you did not like school, the best way to help your child is to endorse the experience: Get involved, be positive, and trust our teachers. Share the message: "School is important; I want you to engage fully."

Most teachers believe in parent participation in children's education, but "participation" means different things. To some, it might mean helping children with homework, returning notes and sending things in on time, and coming to a conference when notified. However, it means much more to the teachers at Midland Trail Elementary. Find ways to work with the teacher(s) and contribute to the classroom. You have valuable insight about your child — no one knows them better than you — so it is important to take the initiative and communicate that knowledge to the teacher throughout the school year.

You can begin by providing details about your child's home life to your teacher. The most effective teachers have a fairly complete understanding of each child in their class. You can help by telling about your child's family life, including any recent changes (divorce, a death in the family, or illness), important traditions or rituals, languages spoken at home, and other significant details unique to your child.

Ask about ways to share your culture — food, music, photos, and traditions — with the class. Not only will this help strengthen your child's self-esteem, but it will also enrich the learning experience for the entire class and foster an appreciation of diversity. School-aged students are beginning to learn and deal with a world bigger than the family, becoming aware of every difference between themselves and their peers.

As often as possible, try to participate in field trips and all-school PTA events. For parents and teachers alike, the goal is to play active roles in your child's life and to work towards forming a real bond. A strong home-school connection will set the stage for a child to grow up with love for learning.

Aron Attebery, Principal

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Turner P.R.I.D.E. Award

Nominate a staff member at MTE for the Turner PRIDE Award!

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What's for Lunch @ MTE???

Clink for our menu!

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MTE Book Blast!

The Book Blast voyage to your student’s NEW BOOKS begins September 21st! Please take just 7 minutes to check out the Treasure Map. Simply register for the event and enter the contact info for 10+ people to support your little pirate’s home library. It’s really that easy! After completing those steps, your student will receive ALL 3 rewards and will be entered to win one of four Treasure Chests stuffed with cash and prizes! Also, one lucky winner in your school will win an iPad. Start the voyage to earn all 10 exciting new books on the Treasure Map booklist! Your participation can help other students at your child’s school build their home libraries, too. Look for the Treasure Map in your student's backpack or call the librarian for more information.

Get Involved!

Join PTA! Our PTA needs YOU! We need more support in order to keep PTA moving forward at Midland Trail. The commitment is small. We meet once a month, after school, for 30-45 minutes. We plan a few activities each year: Back To School, Classroom Parties, Teacher Treats, Candy Sales, and our biggest event is the MTE Carnival. We cannot do this without more support. Please consider joining PTA and offering to help out once a month.

Join PTA for $8

Click here to join and donate to our MTE PTA!

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Reading for Fun!

Encourage your kids to read at home. Make sure the books are not too hard – more on the “easy” side is good because successful practice solidifies foundational reading skills.

By reading to your child — even after she can read on her own — and talking about the books you share together, you are sending a signal that reading is important. Like any conversation, talking about books can happen anywhere and at any time — in the car, at the bus stop, or over dinner. Books can elicit strong feelings that need to be shared. A great way to start is to bring up what you have read recently and how it made you feel. Then, invite your child to do the same.

Here are some great ideas for meaningful questions to ask your child!

  • If you could be friends with any character in the book, who would it be and why?
  • What was the most exciting part of the book?
  • What surprised you most about the story? Why was it surprising?
  • What do you think the saddest part of the story was? Why?
  • Is there anything in this story that is similar to something that has happened in your life? What was it and how is it similar?
  • What would you do in a situation similar to that faced by a character in the story?
  • What part of the story made you think it would end the way it did?
  • How would you change the book's ending if you could re-write it?
  • How is this book like one you read in the past? Discuss how they are alike and different. (Note: This could be a book by the same author, but doesn't have to be.)
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Low Lunch Account Balance!

Students will begin receiving low account balance notices from food services. If you have not signed up for Free/Reduced Lunch, you may click the link below and apply.

There is an important change coming to school meals for the upcoming 22 – 23 school year. The USDA program that has provided free school meals to all students during the COVID-19 pandemic is ending on June 30th.

We encourage you to complete the free/reduced meal application for the 22 – 23 school year as you may be eligible to continue receiving the free meal benefit.

Families who receive benefits through SNAP, TANF, or the foster care system are already enrolled in the free school meal benefits and do not need to submit an application

The free meals, which are safe, nutritious, and delicious, help extend family food budgets too.

For more information, contact Megan Rabun, Food Services Coordinator, at (913) 288-4141.

Free/Reduced Lunch Application

Click here to see if you qualify.

Student/Family Changes in Informaiton

Make sure that each student has updated phone numbers, home address, and emergency contact information in Infinite Campus.

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When you fill out the Online Registration you will decide if your child is riding the bus or being a car rider. This information will be shared with the teacher. If you need to change daily transportation you must call the office BEFORE 3:15pm. This gives us enough time to notify the teacher and student of any change.