Learning Experiences for Academic Discoveries

SAGE (Supporting and Advocating for Gifted Education)

Please be sure to join SAGE (our GT Parent Advocacy organization) this year to further gifted education and to remain informed as a parent of a talented scholar. Our OCT SAGE representative is Betsy Dodson.



Each First Grader finished a Piccollage on the main character of his/her book, they also wrote "I am..." poems from the main character's point of view. They will upload these to their LEAD Google folders this week.


Second graders have been learning about perspective. We read Duck! Rabbit! and began to look at techniques that help communicate the story of a picture/scene. Students also worked on inferencing with the clues from Perplexers. This week students will be using words that can have multiple meanings in their stories.


The third grade scholars completed Interests Inventories to begin our study on Thinking Like a Disciplinarian. They also participated in Today's Meet, answering questions about the traits of a good thinker and people who are examples of that. Students are brainstorming potential professions and deciding on one to research. They will begin writing some research questions.
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Fourth grade students smashed apps this week and created a final product in Doceri. This product was on My Favorite Mistake and the lesson learned from it. Students edited these and uploaded these to their LEAD folders in Google Drive.


Fifth graders finalized their slide regarding Intellectual Traits to focus on this fall. We are learning to utilize the Dell Laptops and trouble shooting with screen shots and taking pics on it. The students have demonstrated great problem-solving skills in conquering this. We have switched gears now and have begun thinking about the ideas behind Apps, with our new series, "There's an app for that...." In groups, students brainstormed apps they use and the purpose behind each one. They also picked an intellectual trait that is a strength and expanded on why it is a strength. Students then went on a gallery walk to read those. This week, we will look at students their age who have designed apps.