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October 2, 2020

Dates to Remember

Thursday, 10/8 - Early Release, 12:45 pm

Friday, 10/9 - No School (Teacher Workshop)

Monday, 10/12 - No School (Columbus Day)

Tuesday, 10/20- School Board Meeting, 6pm

Tues & Wed 10/20-21 - Flu Clinic

Tues & Wed 10/27-28 - Picture Day

Principal's Message

We continue to be thankful for our school community as we work together to remain nimble and open to new ideas during this unprecedented time. I continue to look forward to conversations, feedback, questions, and emails from our community, as it reminds and challenges us to look at our practices from another point of view. Just as we give feedback to our students to increase their growth, we also must take the same view to continue to refine our practices.

Thank you to everyone that joined us with our virtual Open House sessions over the past week. There were wonderful questions coming up, and it sounds like it provided a wonderful opportunity for parents to view classrooms, have conversations with teachers, and connect with our school.

Please continue reaching out to your child's teacher with questions, support needs, and assistance when needed. I always welcome phone calls, emails, and meetings. Our goal is that our students and families feel supported throughout their academic experience here at CCS.

Happy learning!

Ms. Jessica Snider, Principal

From The CCS Health Office


September 28, 2020

Please remember if your child has any chronic/stable health conditions (ex. Headaches, seasonal/environmental allergies) that accounts for any COVID-19 symptoms, and there are not any new or unexplained symptoms of COVID-19, written documentation from your child’s health care provider will need to be on file at school with the diagnoses and list of symptoms included. This will need to be on file before the condition develops. If the appropriate documentation is not on file, COVID-19 guidelines for testing will be followed.


Be sure to send your child to school with appropriate layers and footwear for recess and other outdoor learning times.


CCS will be hosting a Flu Clinic for students, during the school day, at no cost to your family. Information and Consent Forms will be sent home with your child this week and an electronic version will be made available.


Tuesday, October 20th for A Day Students

Wednesday, October 21st for B Day Students

If you have any questions, please feel free to call/email me.

Thank you,

Mrs. Strazzeri

School Nurse

Erupting Volcanoes in Grade 4!

Mrs. Binder's fourth graders applied the Scientific Method as they learned about volcanoes and created their own eruptions. A great time was had by all!


Mrs. Duval and Mr. Libby continue to work hard supporting our students, staff, and families during this time of hybrid learning. They would like to remind you that they can be reached at for technology related questions.

Also, they would like to recommend that students use their school-issued devices on remote learning days, as the home button is set make navigating the various online resources a bit simpler for them.

CodeSpark is an online resource available to CCS students in grades 1-5. It is a fun, game-based tool to help develop programming skills. The link below contains the current login codes for each grade level. These codes change each week, so it may be a good idea to bookmark this document in order to quickly locate the new codes as needed. Happy Coding!

M is for.... Messy!

Learning how to write letters is messy, magical fun when shaving cream is involved. Great job, kindergarteners!

From the CCS School Board - SAVE THE DATES

In addition to the CCS School Board, there are also two boards that manage operations throughout SAU53. The Executive Board consists of one school board member from each school district. They traditionally meet once a month and serve as a means of communication to keep sending boards informed.The Full SAU Board consists of all members of all district boards.

The SAU Executive Board is working on the SAU budget for 2021/2022. On October 14th there

will be a SAU board meeting at Pembroke Academy at 6:00pm where the proposed budget will

be presented to the full SAU Board. On October 28th there will be a public hearing about the

proposed budget beginning at 6:00pm. At the end of a public hearing, the full SAU Board will

vote on the proposed budget. All are welcomed and encouraged to attend. If you have any

questions please feel free to reach out to any board members.

CCS Grounds Work

Thank you to Joe Darrah from Joe Darrah Enterprises, a local business, for helping us with a few recent projects! Joe's donated use of time and equipment is greatly appreciated! With the help of a few other local volunteers, he was able to clear the back hill, helping us to gain camera access to the back hill on our playground, ensure that the growing pine trees would not snap and land on our building during a strong wind storm or impending winter storms. Our hope is that we will now be able to maintain this area with low growing plants and shrubs, and grass areas.

You may also notice that there are several things missing from the front of our building. Sadly, we had to remove the memorial Maple tree, as well as the five large shrubs. This was due to the fact that they were growing into our septic lines, beginning to cause damage to our roof, and the roots were beginning to approach the foundation of our building. Due to the intense nature of the roots, unfortunately, none of them were able to be saved. We are looking for ideas for flowers, benches, or other items that could be placed in this area. Please contact Ms. Snider at with any ideas!

Thank you to Clark's Grain Store!

We'd like to send a big CCS thank you to Clark's Grain Store for their generous donation of mums and pumpkins for our school grounds!
photo of donated pumpkins and mums
Pembroke Academy Fall Newsletter

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Chichester Central School

The mission of Chichester Central School is to educate our students to become independent thinkers, problem-solvers and self-directed learners. We are committed to fostering the social, emotional, developmental, intellectual, and physical needs of every child. We strive to work with the broader community to ensure that students develop lifelong skills enabling them to be contributing and productive members of society.