Lakeview High School Newsletter

~December 4, 2020~

~Principal's Message~

Dear Spartan Parents/Guardians:

We hope you had a relaxing, long holiday weekend. As of now, we are still planning on welcoming your students back to LHS on January 19, 2021. We will be doing this on a hybrid schedule, where only half of the student body will be in attendance at a time. We will use this newsletter to share as much information as we can as it becomes more relevant to the timeline of returning. As always, if you have questions about this please reach out to LHS administration via phone or email.

We do ask that you be patient, however, as this is still a fluid situation with the State and the local health department. While we are excited about the prospects of returning students to the building, students and parents should be ready for some differences in the daily experience here at LHS. Again, those details will be shared when they are finalized.

Thank you in advance for your patience in this process.


Susan Cheadle-Holt, Principal

Cody Japinga, Assistant Principal

Tara Rice, Assistant Principal

Scholarship Webinar with LHS Counselors

The Counseling Department will be hosting a webinar on the scholarship application process on Tuesday, December 8th, from 10-11 a.m. The webinar will focus primarily on local scholarships, particularly the Legacy Scholarship, but will also cover other state and national scholarships as well. The webinar will include a demonstration of how to use the Battle Creek Community Foundation (BCCF) website to apply for many different local scholarships including the Legacy Scholarship and scholarships from the Lakeview Schools Educational Foundation (LSEF). Seniors can expect to receive an invite to the webinar in their school email on Monday, December 7th. A recording of the webinar will be made available shortly after the event.

~Calendar Dates~

1/2 Day for Students - December 4th

Winter Break - December 21-January 1st

1/2 Day for Students & Teachers - January 15th

No School - January 18th

Count Day - February 10th

1/2 Day for Students - February 19th

No School - February 22nd