Sponsor Peter... Err Peeta

Sponsorship will get you the benefits of free bread!

The benefits of sponsoring Peeta.

If you sponsor Peeta you get three FREE benefits!

1. You get a loaf of free bread every day for a WEEK!

2. You get a free pin with a loaf of bread, the number 12, and Peeta's name engraved into it so you can show off who you sponsor!

3. You get the pleasure of knowing that the person you sponsor is very likely to WIN!

About Peeta Mellark.

Peeta is the bakers son from District 12. Even thought he is from one of the poorer districts he is still very likely to win with a score of 8. He is likely to win because he has three big advantages over the other tributes. Those advantages are that he is very strong, from lifting very heavy bags of flour, and he is and expert at making himself camouflaged he learned the camouflage making skills from designing cakes with icing his entire life.

Payment Options.

To sponsor Peeta all you have to do is pay one of these low payments. The payment options are $10 , $20 , $40 , $50 , & $100. If you do not like these payment options you can choose to pay how ever much you want by choosing the "Other Amount" option.

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