Best horses

Best horses in different horses competition

Best horses last years.

In this news I am going to tell you about the best horses last years in different gates- compete.

1. one is brown stallion named Stormur frá Herríðarhóli. Stormur started and first becamed famos when he win icelandic championship 2012 in Tölt T1 and If I remember right olso he won landsmót in tölt same year. sins from that tima have he win tölt in Icelandis championship 3 times in a row and Won landsmót summer 2014 for first time, and have show that he is one of the best tölt-horses in the world. In Landsmót 2014 in a-finals he got score over nine ca point 33 or something like that. A horse that got score over nine have bin trained really well and have almost everything that how we want our horses to be in tölt- competition. In august this year is WM in Herning in Denmark ..and mayby he will go and compete in tölt for icelandic team ....just wait snd see what happpends... His rider is Árni Björn Pálsson.

Second hores I am going to tell you about is 2times WM winnner in tölt last 4years. In WM (World champhionship) 2011 and 2013, and in 2013 he got score over nine in a-finals and higest score that the judges have give in WM. His name is Hnokki frá Fellskoti. He have olso be great in four-gate, and ended in 3th place last WM 2013. This horses is just amazing and have give alot of people gooseskin. His trainer is Jóhann Rúnar Skúlason last atleast 2 or 3years. Mayby he will come back and compete for icelandic team now in august for 3d time in WM... Greate horse.

The next one is double winner in five-gate last two WM. He won five-gate 2011 and again 2013 and become to be first horses to win fivegate 2 times in a row. This horses have olso show that he is one of the best five-gater in the world. This horses hava a name yes, and that i Hraunar frá Efri-Rauðalæk. His trainer is Magnús Skúlason. Hraunar and Magnús have not compete for iceland in WM, because Magnús live in sweeden so for both times they have compete for the sweedis team. Do thay come and compete in Herning in august..the time will say us that later.

These three horses have show us that they are clearly the best horses in the world in themes gates... Hraunar as five-gater, Stormur in Tölt, and Hnokki in tölt and have olso compete in fourgate with olso good performans. What do we see in Herning, Dermark in august will the time tell us later.