Eagle Academy encourages academic excellence by integrating proven instructional methods with a challenging curriculum and high expectations.This combination provides every child with the foundation needed to achieve proficiency of Eagle Academy’s performance standards at each instructional level.

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Greetings Families,

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year. This is the first installment of the Eagle Express, Eagle Academy Charter Schools weekly online newsletter.

Whether you are returning or new to Eagle Academy, I am so glad that you are a part of our INCREDIBLE school community. I hope that this communication finds you and your family well rested and as pumped-up as I am about school starting in a few weeks.

I know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting news of what the beginning of school will be like at Eagle Academy. While the current pandemic has presented many challenges, I am SUPER excited at the opportunities this year presents for our school to come together and rise above.

As you are aware, in accordance with the current State's School Smart Start matrix, all ASD schools (including EACS) will start school year online for at least the first two weeks. ASD will continue to monitor the Municipality's COVID 14 Day Rolling Average to determine when schools will be able to transition to in-person instruction. When we get closer to the possibility of transitioning to in-person instruction, we will push out more detailed information about cohorts and school day schedules via the Eagle Express.

Below is a schedule of events leading up to the start and the first few days of school. Our AMAZING team of teachers and staff can hardly wait to meet your little ones. Classroom teachers will be reaching out to each of our families to introduce themselves, fill you in on plans particular to your student(s) grade level(s), and check on any technology needs you may have.

Please note that there is a Zoom link to our Virtual Open House on August 17th at 10:00 a.m. We will record the session and post it on our website for families who are unable to attend at that time.

Yours Truly,

Deanne Carroll - Principal

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Eagle Academy recognizes that the COVID pandemic has impacted all of our families and each of our experiences is as unique as our comfort levels with online and in-person instruction.

Therefore, Eagle Academy is proud to be able to provide those families who are not yet comfortable sending their student(s) to school during the Medium-High (cohort -two day in school for 5.5 hrs. and 3 days at home) and Medium-Low Risk (all students - five days a week for 5.5 hrs) levels the option of continuing to learn at home via EACS Online.

Teachers will continue to upload lessons, instructional videos, and assignments, onto the Canvas learning management system. Parents will continue to use the instructional resources and lessons provided by our MARVELous teacher cadre to teach at home. Students choosing this option will still be required to complete submit all assignments (to keep pace with their grade level cohorts), check-in with their classroom teachers on a pre-arranged weekly basis, and take all ASD and state-mandated assessments.

Whether in-person or online, Eagle Academy is committed to our mission of encouraging academic excellence by integrating proven instructional methods with a challenging curriculum and high expectations. If you have any questions, please contact Principal Carroll (907) 742-3025.

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School Uniform Expectations


Research shows that the clothes you wear actually impacts the way you perform. We strongly encourage your students to dress in their EACS school uniform during their online Zoom sessions with their teachers and classmates. Dressing the part, directly and indirectly, lets students know that they are readying themselves for learning.

Though it is not required, should your student decide not to wear your EACS uniform, we do expect students to dress in school appropriate attire.

Medium High-Risk, Medium Low-Risk, Low Risk

Official School Uniform Dress Code will be enforced. Please refer to page 25 of the EACS School Policy and Procedures Manual.

Face Masks

The Anchorage School District is requiring the wearing of masks, face shields, or other forms of face coverings in schools and administrative buildings to reduce the risk of virus transmission. There is no time frame, and it’s highly likely that this requirement will be maintained until the COVID-19 threat is largely reduced.

Eagle Academy will be following ASD safety protocols. We view the mask mandate as an extension of our school uniform policy and as such the EACS Academic Policy Board (APB) has issued the following guidance:

  • Parents will provide masks for their student(s);
  • Mask colors shall match school uniform colors and be solid (no prints or designs other than our official school logo)

In the event that you are unable to source face masks for your student(s), please contact Principal Carroll.

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Save your Spot

Returning families, please log in to the Online Registration portal via Parent Connect to make sure that you have completed the re-enrollment process.

It appears that there was a glitch in the system and some families are finding that their spring re-enrollment efforts were reset.

If you need assistance resetting your Zangle/Q PIN and Password, please contact Tamara in the front office, Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at (907) 742-3025.

Pre-Enrollment for Kindy & New to District Students

ASD and Eagle Academy are offering an Online Pre-Enrollment option for those New-To-District and Kindergarten families who would prefer to enroll their students from the comfort of their home, work, or anywhere! This is step one of a two-step process. You will need to attach the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate,
  • Immunization Record,
  • Current Gas, Electric, or Water bill that shows the address of service.

Once you have submitted the “Pre-enrollment, Our Administrative Assistant, Tamara Gagnon, generate an ASD ID # and email your ParentConnect info. and let you know you that are ready to complete the “Online Registration” for your student.

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What about Volunteer Hours?

The charter of Eagle Academy outlines that each family volunteer at least 16 service hours per school year. Our parent volunteers are one of the reasons that Eagle Academy Charter School is one of the top schools in the Anchorage School District.

Until the Municipality of Anchorage is no longer in a High-Risk level of COVID-19 cases, all ASD facilities will be closed to visitors to limit the spread. Please see the guidelines below if you need to visit an ASD building.

Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding COVID 19 and Health and Safety mandates, the APB has voted to temporarily suspend the requirements for school service for the time being.

The will still be many opportunities for parents to volunteer and support our school. Please check with your student's classroom teachers to see how you can help.

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Eagle Academy has a small number of Chromebooks available to loan out to students to use to access their school work during online learning. Each classroom teacher will be reaching out to their grade level families starting the week of Agust 17th to introduce themselves and share information pertinent to your student's classroom. Please let your teacher know if your student needs a device.


GCI is partnering with ASD to provide home internet service for students based on need. In order for families to qualify, they must demonstrate that they do not have existing internet service and cannot afford new internet service. Access to the internet will be filtered in accordance with ASD policies and regulations. Data upload and download will be limited but sufficient for online student learning. Contact the front office at (907) 742-3025 to initiate an application.

Alaska Communications has a special offer for students and teachers. See the flyer below.