Just The Structures

By: Neil Bahl


Right under this is a timeline of how perseverance was shown throughout my whole seventh grade year. I wasn't getting off to a good start with my first test grade being a C+. After that I set goals and persevered in getting all A's.
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Problem and Soluton.

Here is a organizer of how Steve Jobs handled getting fired from Apple. It shows exactly what he did, and how resilience played a big factor on getting his job back.
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Case + Effect

Steve Jobs faced big adversities in his life. Some adversities and their effects were...

He got fired from apple ----------- which left Steve Jobless. He also couln't step a foot inside his company's headquarters.

At this time period, technology was growing faster then ever before. More companies were making new computers. Steve wanted to make very advanced computers but there wasn't technology back then to code all of what he wanted. More people who worked for him got frustrated with him and his ideas.

Desdcription/Spatial about perseverance.

Everyday and everywhere I go, I try to accomplish a task and adhere to the things I have started. An example of this is that a challenge I am doing. I am doing a 30 run challenge where I have to run a 5k everyday. I am doing this because I want to get a good time for the Still Shuffle next year and I also want to get into the varsity cross-country team in high school. My dad and I are runners and I want him to be very proud of me. I did not have a good track season so I really want to become the best. I want to become like my idol, Scott Jurek. Scott is a ultramartathon runner who can run 150 miles at a stretch. Scott says if something is hurting, you should embrace the pain. This quote means a lot to me because when I run, I get hurt. I just remember that the pain is what will get me better and closer to a goal.