Weekly Newsletter

September 15th - 19th


Welcome back to another week in Kindergarten! I think everyone has adjusted well to the school routine and is doing a fantastic job. Happy Birthday to our friend, Jonas, yesterday (September 14th)!

This Week in Kindergarten

We are wrapping up our cooking unit and will start learning about insects and bugs this week! We will continue on in our reading program as well. We learned all about Cass and the letter Cc last week; On Thursday we will start with Oswald and the letter Oo. We will continue learning about top/middle/bottom terminology and this will help us to write correctly on lined paper. In math we are wrapping up an introduction to the digits 0-9, and will continue exploring different math materials as well as shapes. We learned all about prayer last week - what it is, when we do it, and the Lord's Prayer. This week we will learn about Jesus and children, and God's word, that love comes from God.

Coming Up...

We have our Grandparents/Special Friend's Day coming up on September 24th. There was a note sent home last week. The kindergartners will be participating in the 2:30 session at the end of our school day.

I have taken quite a few photos of the children cooking last week. I'm hoping to get them printed and on the bulletin board outside our classroom door in the next few days. Make sure you stop by and take a look!


Thanks for your help in getting the year off to a great start! The kids are doing great. I'm so excited to see how far we can go this year.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

Love and Blessings,

Mrs. Meinel