Module 6 - Learning

Activities and Information for November 13th

INFORM: Your Multiple Choice Test for Module 5 is DUE Today!!!

Thursday, Nov. 13th, 4pm

This is an online event.

The test is OPEN, but must be complete by 4 pm. Tests submitted after this time without a valid excuse provided by your ELA can earn a maximum 60% credit.

INFORM: Module 5 Timed Essay

Your Module 5 Timed Essay is also open and must be completed by Friday, November 15th at 4 pm. Again, late submissions will receive a maximum grade of 60%, unless a valid excuse is provided to me by your ELA.

CELEBRATE: Success on Module 5 Test!

Congratulations to those who scored 905 or more on their Module 5 Test today! Well done! High achievers include: May, Jessica, Evan, Hershel, Aja, Bryan, Jasmine, Zack, Sydney P, Margaret, Tiffany, Caleb, Aziza, Sarah, Natara, Peyton, Jessica, Macey, and Kerstin.

Module 6 Due Dates

Due dates for Module 6 are posted in Moodle and were attached to yesterday's Learning Block post. Please note the following items:
  • I have not set due dates for quizzes in Moodle - but they are posted in on your To Do list. Your Pretest should be complete NO LATER THAN Nov 17th, the quiz for Lesson 1 NO LATER THAN Nov 18th, and the quiz for Lesson 2 NO LATER THAN Nov 24th.
  • REMEMBER - you must complete quizzes before the assignments for each lesson open.
  • There is something to do EVERY DAY in your course,
  • Read your Learning Block post every day for reminders!
The Due Dates for Module 6 can also be found at the bottom of this flyer.

Module 6: Learning

This is a very important module, with a number of key people, terms, and concepts discussed. It is also a difficult module, because it is easy to get these concepts confused.

Make sure that you:

  • Do ALL the activities in the Module - even if there's nothing to turn in for credit!
  • Read all the assignments - and take notes when doing so.
  • Actively engage in your course - the more active you are in your learning, the more likely it is you will retain the information.
  • Also, please look at the Due Dates for this Module - testing for this Module is IMMEDIATELY after you get back from the Thanksgiving Break - PLAN AHEAD!

INSTRUCT: Learning

Please take time to watch the Developing Psychology segment for Sensation & Perception.

"Learning is the eighth program in the DISCOVERING PSYCHOLOGY series. This program discusses the basic principles of how we learn; classical, instrumental, and operant conditioning; and the role that stimuli and consequences play in learned behavior and habits. You'll explore how renowned researchers Ivan Pavlov, B. F. Skinner, Edward Thorndike, and John B. Watson contributed to what we know about human and animal learning."

Take some time this week to view these episodes!

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