Expectations For Mom, Dad, and Baby



Amethyst and Hannah

Hour six

First Trimester!


As you can expect, your body will go through many changes. Some of the symptoms during the first trimester are breast pain, fatigue, and nausea. You will also experience emotions ranging from excitement to anxiety.


While the baby starts as a zygote that is traveling down the fallopian tube it begins to develop rapidly. At week four, the zygote turns into a blastocyst, which will attach to the uterine wall. During the first several weeks the baby's spinal cord, heart, and brain begin to form. The limbs of the baby start to extend. The develops and the eyes become visible.

Second Trimester!


Now that you are in your second trimester you will feel the effects of being pregnant much more than before, although some women get by with out experiencing these these. Your breasts should be getting bigger along with your tummy, side pains, acne, aches, and symptoms of a cold are all likely to occur. Although you may go through these unpleasant feelings you can now connect more with your baby. The fetus will now be able to kick and can hear your voice.


By week sixteen the baby can make facial expressions and move their limbs. They also have most of their five senses developed. During the second trimester many of the organs are formed along with the baby fat. At the end of the second trimester, around week twenty seven, the baby can now have the hiccups.

Third Trimester!


Congratulations, your baby is almost here! At this time you are probably feeling pretty uncomfortable but pretty soon you will have your baby and be back to feeling normal. However the last few weeks can involve backaches, swelling ankles and fingers, and quite a bit of movement from the baby. You also might begin feeling raising anxiety. But do not worry if your baby is a few weeks early or late, that is the case for most pregnancies.


During the third trimester the baby is able to fully open their eyes and puts on most of that baby weight. His or her bones will develop completely but still be bendy. Also their hair will continue to form along with the nervous system, ability to breath, and protective barrier coating their skin. Around week thirty seven the organs and such are nearly as complete as those of a newborn and at week forty the baby should be arriving.


You probably feel left out of the whole pregnancy process. The mother of your child is getting most of the attention for the baby and you are not often included. They are not intentionally leaving you out of the baby circle. If you want to be involved then express to the mother how you are feeling and be as involved as you and the mother are comfortable with.
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