Aneesh's Architectural Adventure

By: Aneesh Komanduri

Gold or Bold

As you can see, I have a "Gold" Personality. This means I always focus on specific details, Listen to things if they are right or wrong, and I dont like people going off topic. I also have specific Communication styles such as, I am direct and straightforward, going step by step and I enjoy writing alot. If I am in office as an architectural engineering manager, I would be able to focus on topic and get things done. In some ways, I am bothered as well. For example, people who break rules, waste time and are very lazy really bug me. This personality shows that I am very responsible, very commited and confident about my work.

Left Brain is the Best Brain

I am a natural Left Brain. I am 14 Right Brain and 26 Left Brain. This means I am very Mathematical and very intelligent. I am not very creative with things. For example, if you ask me to think of a creative title, It would take me a while to think of one.

The Journey begins!

I plan to attend the Bentonville High SchoolIn my freshman year, I am going to take Pre-AP Biology, Pre-AP Geometry, Pre-AP Algebra II, AP Human Geography, Spanish II, Sucess 1.0, Oral Communication, and Physical Education. As you can see, Im taking most of the classes required to graduate. In my Sophomore, I am planning on taking the PSAT and earn alot of GPA. In my junior year, I am taking the SAT and take as many classes as possible. In my senior year, I plan to take the classes left to take. Along with that, I will also maintain my GPA.

Harvard is the College with the Knowledge

Harvard University is a private college in Cambridge, Massachusetts In Academics, Instructional program leading toward an associate's, bachelor's, master's, doctor's, or first-professional degree or resulting in credits that can be applied to one of these degrees. In a case of Continuing professionals, Programs and courses designed specifically for individuals who have completed a professional degree to obtain additional training in their particular field of study. Offers,
  • Associates Degree
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Postbaccalaureate Certificate
  • Masters Degree
  • Post-Masters Certificate
  • Medical degree

In State, In District, and

Out of State tuitions cost $39,851 with a charge of $4,538 per credit hour.

Books and supplies (academic year) costs $1,000.


Room and board on campus costs $12,801.

Percent submitting SAT scores required: 90%
Percent submitting ACT scores required: 32%

Bill Gates Speech at Harvard (part 1)

Life of Engineering

My job after college is Architectural and Engineering Managers. Some of my tasks include
  • Managing the coordination and overall integration of technical activities in architecture or engineering projects, Direct, review, or approve project design changes, Plan or direct the installation, testing, operation, maintenance, or repair of facilities or equipment, and
  • Evaluating environmental regulations related to environmental issues to inform strategic or operational decisions. Working Conditions include, Managers tend to work long hours in order to meet project deadlines. May also experience considerable pressure to meet technical or scientific goals on a short deadline or within a tight budget. Some of the work Values include, work value allow employs to work on their own and make decisions, work value offer job security and good working conditions, and work value are results scored allowing employees to use their strongest abilities, giving them a feeling of accomplishment.