Welcome to Simms Library!


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· Open from 7:30 am to 8 pm Monday through Thursday

· Open 7:30 am to 5 pm Friday

· Closed Saturdays

· Open 1 pm to 8 pm Sunday (when school is in session – long weekends we will be closed)


The library is here for you! And here are a few reasons to come to the library:

· Quiet study spaces

· Group study spaces (some quiet, some not quiet)

· Help locating resources for school such as for projects, doing research, etc.

· Locating resources for personal interests.

· Technology help: creating presentations, movies, posters, infographics, voiceovers, podcasts, anything really…

· Reading recommendations (we are very good at this!)

· Help using databases/online reference materials for research.

· Just to hang out!

What the Library has:

  • over 140,000 books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks, CDs, videos, equipment like cameras, voice recorders and many other items just waiting to be checked out, as well as links to the online subscription databases and electronic books.

LIBRARY WEBSITE: http://albert.aa.edu

This is our online catalog. It is called ALBERT and you can access it from anywhere!

Go here to search the catalog to see what the library has!

With a library PIN, you can also access your library account. You can:

  • See the books and other materials you have checked out.
  • Renew your books and most other materials online.
  • Request a hold for a book that is checked out to someone else.
  • Maintain a private list of all the materials you check out (called My Reading History).
  • Access electronic databases and E-books.

Classes in the Library:

· There are several different classrooms in the library. Any class on your schedule that starts with an “L” is in the library. If you have a class in the library and you don't know where it is, just ask at the front desk and we’ll show you where the room is.

· You also may have a class scheduled to meet in the library from time to time. There is a large whiteboard when you enter the library that lists the day’s schedule with room assignments


· There is a PC computer lab and there are many more PCs located around the library for your use.

· The library offers wireless. You can bring your own devices and use them anywhere in the library.

· We have Macbooks for classes working on specific projects.

· You can borrow equipment (such as cameras, camcorders, tripods, etc.). You must have an Equipment form, signed by your parents on file.

· The library has 3 Audio-Visual rooms with Mac computers you can use for various movie/music projects (using iMovie, Garageband, etc).

· There are 2 black & white printers in the library available free for your use. There is also a color printer available (the cost for color prints is 50 cents a page).

· There are copy machines in the library's copy room. The charges are 5 cents for black and white and 50 cents for color. You can pay cash or voucher a copy card.

Please try to bring your school ID card with you when you come to check out materials.

  • You must have your ID to check out equipment.

With your ID card, you can also:

  • Borrow textbooks for in-library use.
  • sign in to use study rooms.
  • Use the Audio-Video rooms.
  • Borrow headphones for use in the library.
  • Borrow chessboards or a deck of cards for use in the library.

Jade Valenzuela

Middle School Library Media Specialist / Librarian for grades 6 through 9.