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How tornadoes are formed?

Tornadoes are formed inside dark thunder clouds that are heavy with rain. These clouds are created as part of the earths water cycle. When these heavy thunder clouds combine with winds, conditions are right off a tornadoes to form.

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What causes tornadoes to trigger?

Storms cause tornadoes to trigger because the heavy thunder clouds combine with winds that are right for a tornado to form.

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What is the record amount of tornadoes in three days?

The record amount of tornadoes in three days is 289!

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How big are tornadoes?

Most tornadoes are small. A typical tornado makes a damage path 46 metres wide and 1.6 to 3.2 kilometres long. The largest tornado path can be 1.6 kilometres wide. The damage path can be as long as 161 kilometres.

Where do tornadoes happen?

Tornadoes can happen anywhere but they are most common in the United States of America,and also in India and Bangladesh. These are also called the places where the most SEVERE tornadoes occur.

What time of year do tornadoes occur?

Although tornadoes happen throughout the year in some places there are seasons for tornadoes especially in spring and in early summar. These happen because of changing patterns at that time of year.

Can tornadoes happern at sea?

Tornadoes at sea are called waterspouts. in fact they are collums of water vapour not water.


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